Wichita Children’s Home liquor charges justifiable

A photo of beer and wine, along with a receipt for over $500 billed to the Wichita Children’s Home at Jacob’s Liquor is circulating online, causing speculation as to why the non-profit that provides emergency shelter for children in need of care would make such a purchase.


The answer is that the Children’s Home is hosting a fundraiser with an open bar in April. The alcohol is still at the liquor store, placed on hold for the Children’s Home. Alcohol is typically served at such events. The Wichita Children’s Home has a stellar reputation in this community, and Kansas Exposed wishes them many more years of service.


One thought on “Wichita Children’s Home liquor charges justifiable

  1. I totally do not agree to serve the public with alcohol at such event for profiting an emergency home for children.
    Reasons why:
    …some children are probably in the emergency home from dysfunctional alcoholic parents.
    …kinda like,”hey let’s get together and sale marijuana to raise money for the stand against legalization of marijuana.”
    …just my opinion. Why not a fundraiser with baked goods or homemade crafts done by the children that are occupying the emergency housing shelter.

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