Are you Facebook friends with this undercover Sedgwick County Sheriffs Detective?

According to one of the former dancers at Jezebels Gentlemen’s Club, this Facebook profile, using the name “Matt Williams Jr.“, belongs to one of the two undercover Sedgwick County Sheriffs Deputies who “investigated” the club prior to the highly publicized raid which resulted in a large amount of cash being seized from the club, and from customers who happened to be there that night.

What the investigation and subsequent raid did not yield was cocaine, nor any significant arrests. Almost all of the people who were arrested in connection to the raid have had their cases dismissed. According to the Sheriffs Department, at that time, the investigation had uncovered a large cocaine smuggling ring. One of the most serious charges that actually went to court involved furnishing alcohol to a minor, which the court found to be unsubstantiated.

This did not stop the county from shutting the club down. Rumor in the business community has it that the property will be sold to an aircraft company called ONEX.

According to multiple dancers who were working at the club during that time period, Williams, whose real name is Matthew Lynch (based on paperwork filed in the case), and the other detective were frequent purchasers of lap dances, and the club’s VIP status, which allowed them to sit at a specific table.

According to Daily Haze, roughly $20,000 was spent on this investigation.

Detective Lynch is listed on the Kansas Narcotics Officers Association’s website as the “2014 Member of the Year”.

11 thoughts on “Are you Facebook friends with this undercover Sedgwick County Sheriffs Detective?

  1. The 2014 Member Of The Year….who spends his time at strip clubs under guise of “investigating”.
    Investigating pussy.

    Then, the raid….with nothing to show for it.

    Has the seized cash been returned to their rightful owners?

    How much money has ONEX given to the corrupt Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Dept in backroom deals for helping them to get the club shut down so they could steal that property?

    It is quite obvious this case is a LIE, perpetrated to steal the land to give to ONEX.

    I am notifying the FBI about this. As a law-enforcement officer for 30 years, I am disgusted at this.

    BEWARE SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS AND SEDGWICK COUNTY… will wish you had never broken the law…..

    1. Those are some pretty bold accusations. Do you actually have any evidence to back them up or are you arriving at this conclusion by relying on your imagination alone? I am just curious because if you actually have any evidence or information on the people involved in this backroom deal, when/where it occurred etc. then it would be really interesting to hear. Perhaps you and Shatz can collaborate on that story and he can post it to his blog so we can all be enlightened.

      As a law enforcement officer for 30 years you should know officers and deputies do not “seize” money, the courts do. An officer/deputy alone does not have the power to “seize” money. If the money taken cannot be linked to a specific crime that is listed in the asset forfeiture law then it is returned.

      Shatz, remember when you identified the wrong officer after an officer involved shooting a while back? Not jumping to the same conclusions again are you? I only ask because I remember you saying you had not attended any journalism “training” and therefore could not be responsible for your errors, even though they could realistically result in retaliatory actions against not only an officer, but the WRONG officer.

      I included a link for some training you could attend; then perhaps you would possess the skills needed to actually conduct an investigation into the offenses you so routinely allege. Once your investigation is complete and you actually have some facts and/or supporting documentation and not just hearsay, then you might even be able to draft out an investigative report that wouldn’t look like it was written by a 3rd grader. Best of luck in getting and reporting all the facts, something many people have noticed your site routinely lacks.

        1. The newspapers? I’d love to read that story if you have a link.

          Officers and deputies can take money and submit it just like any other evidence, provided certain criteria are met; however they themselves cannot seize it. It is simply kept in evidence until an asset forfeiture hearing takes place.

          Of course there are exceptions to the rule, kind of. If an officer stops you with money believed to be from drug proceeds and you say, that’s not my money and take no ownership of it then it does expedite the process slightly. Still a court ruling is required. You’ll occasionally see it in paper as United States vs. $50,951.00 U.S. Currency. (When no one claims ownership.)

          As far as simply taking $250.00 off of people and just depositing it into the LE agencies bank account, doesn’t happen.

          How it can be spent one it is seized (after court hearing) who gets what percentage etc is all spelled out in statue. That is until the State steps in and says they’re talking 100% to cover the budget shortfalls.

          It can be very confusing, especially if you don’t deal with the process very often. Even seasoned journalists can use the wrong terms changing the entire meaning of the story and inadequately detailing the steps for an actual seizure, or property forfeiture.

          Regardless where you stand on drugs and what should be legal and what shouldn’t I’m sure we can agree that the cartels are horrible organizations and when it comes to them and the massive amounts of US Currency they move back across the border everyday from the sale of their dope, it should be seized through the courts. It’s the only way to truly combat them aside from hit teams just killing them.

          Anyone that isn’t aware of what these organizations really do to the people and communities they live in can Google: Blogo del Narco and see first hand the videos they upload themselves to brag about their “accomplishments.” In my personal opinion they are far more evil than ISIS/ISIL.

          (I don’t know anything about the case you posted about, I’m simply going off what I know about asset forfeiture and the process of seizing money etc. I only bring up the cartels because regardless of how small the amount of cocaine (taken from your post) it got here by one of the cartels.)

          If you have the link from the newspaper I’d love to read it. Thanks.

          1. I’ll post the links tomorrow. But the general idea is that your assets can be seized, whether or not you are convicted of a crime, and even with the absence of a conviction, they may not be returned. There is a bill being considered in Topeka that would change this. Rhonda Holman, from the Eagle, wrote an op-ed about this two days ago, or so.

      1. Since when are forfeitures not done by LEO’s…No criminal charges required only the suspicion that assets were acquired by illegal means. Requires posting a 10% bond and hiring an attorney licensed in federal court to file suit to have your property returned. This amounts to government theft and it occurs every day!!!

      2. I don’t know details of the club in question. I do find your statement as a supposed officer interesting: “As law enforcement officer for 30 years, you should know officers and deputies do not “seize” money, the courts do. An officer/deputy alone does not have power to “seize” money.” <== Thanks for clarification on the money seizing issue and police don't have authority to do so without a court order – which of course I agree. However, I like to point out Sedgewick county Sheriff Department and Wichita Police seizes monies everyday illegally from over 1,000 arrested detainees some of whom are not charged for a crime and released. The police sheriff deputies seize the cash of these detainees placing it on an unusable bank debit card from a foreign bank in West Virginia run by a state Senator Browning of West Virginia and charges the detainee a $3.00 fee, plus additional fees for use and activation fees weplus. This seizure is all without the detainees consent to place money in trust to this bank without a court order, and in some cases without a judgment or trial. Since when were cops banking agents for First Century Bank in West Virginia on behalf of Senator Browning? Don't forget some detainees derive monies from federal funds like if your a Veteran. Please note if you have been detained by Sedgewick County Detention Centers and been subject to the seizure of money from your wallet to a bank card and to be charged a fee by the First Century Bank against your will ; the Federal Courts have already determined it is theft in similar cases. It is noted Sedgewick County Sheriff Administrations admits all arresting officers/deputies in Wichita conduct this practice daily. Please seek charges of Bank Fraud, racketering, civil rights violations against the entire police department of Wichita and Sheriff Department. Here is a list of Federal Agencies charged with the authority to investigate possible crimes involving banks or bank fraud: United States Secret States and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshal Office, Federal Banking and Securities Commmission.

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