How do I vote for Bernie in the Kansas Caucus?

Caucuses work differently from regular elections. In order to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Kansas Democratic Caucuses on March 5, 2016, you will need to find out where your local caucus is being held. First, you will need to know which state senate district you live in, which you can find out by following this link and entering your address. I live in Senate District 26.

Next, armed with your senate district number, you will visit the Kansas Democratic Party’s website, and scroll down the list of caucus sites until you see your senate district. Using this system, I can see that my caucus site will be at Apollo Elementary School, 16158 Apollo St., in Goddard.

In order to participate in the caucus, you must be a registered Democrat. You can register to vote or change party affiliation the day of the caucus, although I would recommend doing so now, if you have not already. You can register to vote, or change your party affiliation by following this link and completing the instructions.

On March 5, you will need to register for the caucus between 1-3 pm, and then line up by 3 pm in order to participate. Registered voters must also register for the caucus, so you will need to arrive prior to 3 pm in order to do so.


14 thoughts on “How do I vote for Bernie in the Kansas Caucus?

  1. So, basically the Democratic caucus is making it impossible for any working adult, or those with kids, to participate if you have to line up at 3pm to participate. Do you know how many schools let out at 3pm? About 2/3 in the state. The others get out at 4pm. Who planned this lousy schedule? When I caucused for Obama in 2008, it was at 6pm. And, I remember that because there was an ice storm & people like me waited *outside* just to make sure we were in line by the deadline.

    1. It’s on a Saturday, but still takes up a huge amount of the day. I am disappointed since I am holding a birthday party at my home that evening and cooking for 10 people. An hour or two I might be able to do, but 5 hours? Just can’t spare that amount of time when. I am cooking and cleaning, too

    2. I work the night shift, so am a day sleeper. Evening hrs both shifts could attend, considering our hospital is Hutchinson’s biggest employer.

  2. Found out my 87 year old mother who lives in Wichita has to drive to Newton to caucus. She’s set up for permanent advance ballot, (remember the KDP field plan?). She like Bernie, but says she does not want to drive to Newton to do it.

  3. Per Kansas law, if the polling time falls outside of your shift, your employer must allow you two hours to go vote. Now, whether or not you can afford to take two hours off of work is an entirely different matter.

    1. I believe it is 2 hours of paid time off in Kansas. Double check, but this is what I found online.

      Kan. Stat. Ann. § 25-418

      Time off work for voting: Up to 2 hours or as much time as will add up to 2 hours when combined with nonwork time. Employer may decide when hours are taken, but it may not be during a regular meal break.

      Time off not required if: Employee has 2 consecutive nonwork hours when polls are open.

      Time off is paid: Yes.

  4. I’m unable to get out of work to participate in the caucus because I work for a small business, where there is no one else to fill in for my position. It’s an unfortunate system that we have in the US, as well as having to be present for a chaotic process for three hours in order for my vote to be heard/count. I’ve caucused in another state and it was an interesting process. I was looking forward to seeing how Kansas does it – but instead I’ll have to read about it online. Sweet, sweet “democracy”.

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