Kansas DCF caught on camera kidnapping infant

Imagine if your infant was born underweight, not because of neglect, not because of drug use, but because you, as the mother, are simply a very petite woman, with a small frame.

Kansas DCF became involved with this family when their first child was born, a few years ago, due to the child’s low birth weight. After a year of jumping through hoops with the state’s family preservation program, this young couple thought they were rid of DCF.

Then they had another baby, this past November, and the same doctor who called DCF when their first child was born called again, due to the baby’s low birth weight.

DCF tried to force this couple into a second year of family preservation, and the couple said no, so, today, DCF came to take their baby from their home.

Infants are in high demand, because couples looking to adopt often prefer infants over toddlers, or older children. We arrived on scene just in time to catch DCF, assisted by the Wichita Police Department, taking this couple’s children:

Jennifer Winn, an advocate who has been working to help this couple offers more details in this video, shot just after DCF left with the couple’s children, regarding the use of Similac as opposed to soy, and how that affects the baby’s weight.

These photos show just how clean the home was when we arrived:

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  1. This breaks my heart. Who was the Physician? There has to be more details than a low birth weight. There has to be more to the story.

    1. I agree…I don’t believe that it could be that easy for them to take someone’s child. These state workers cannot comment on these cases to the public, so their side of the story will not be told.

      1. When they come in to your home NO warrant and take your kid with the cops there, maybe a gun pointed at you, because we all know no mother is just handing her baby over unless you fear for both your lives, then your standing there childless, who do u call? the cops? lmfao nope….YOU RECORD IT, CALL A LAWYER, always record and have everything in writting, email, snail mail, NO verbal unless you record, its the only way your gonna catch em in lies and get your kid back…its about funding, its about forced adoption, its not about child safety, if it was about child safety we wouldn’t see EVERYDAY in the news how another child was raped abused or killed at the hands of an organization who is supposed to be there to protect, the system needs independent oversight and retraining

        1. i totally agree I lost my 4 children to the state of Missouri and yet they were while in their care and I am blamed for their behavior.

        2. They need to get rid of all the dcf systems and leave happy families alone. They take the children who are in stable homes and leave the ones homeless and cold to die on the streets.

      2. Oh yes it is!!! The state gets money from the Federal Government for every child that is kidnapped and adopted out.Clinton signed this law when president it was supposed to be for children in foster homes that actually need parents.States get $8000 for each child they steal and adopt out.The caseworkers and their psycho cwack Dr’s make up lies about the parents like you wouldn’t believe.kept asking my son-in-law if he was sure he never had sex with a man.His report said my daughter was not sure if she was straight or gay.It also said they locked the kids up in a closet with no food or water for over a week.My grandkids were either here at my house or I was at theirs.They were never locked up ever!! They lived in a 6 bedroom house of which they had the run of.started when her husbands jealous ex GF started calling the hotline every week saying kids were starving living in filth.All lies!!! Caseworkers started coming to the house every week staying for couple of hours ,Then they started sending this woman there every day from 9 am till noon to teach them how to be parents.They knew how to be parents .With that woman there every week day my daughter could get nothing done .Was just supposed to sit listen to her stupid bullshit !! I was there also most of the time.She told my daughter to whip the kids hard so hard that their butts turned red just don’t leave bruises!!!! I or my daughter have never done that to a child and never will!! So believe there is more to the story but you are DEAD WRONG!!!

        1. The hearing is March 1 at 8:30, Juvenile Court in Wichita, I think, if anyone wants to go.

          Read up on the Giwa case in Texas.

          Visit Medicalkidnap.com for more stories. Very well researched stories.

          I found it hard to believe that someone could lose their child without having done anything to harm the child. Then it happened to me. No family or child is safe in this country as long as family court judges believe that the Constitution does not apply to the families they deal with. I think there were close to 30 laws broken to take my child from me. Mine was a custody case. We didn’t even have a divorce. We were never married and had successfully coparented for 5 1/2 years until it was decided that my daughter was old enough to no longer need her mother. I never would have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me. I am appealing and filing complaints, and I expect that things will be set aright eventually, but it has already been 8 months since I have had any contact with my daughter due to a fraudulently obtained order of protection. I have no money for an attorney, so it was pretty easy to run over me. If I had money for a lawyer, I would probably still be fighting for my daughter’s right to have BOTH parents in her life. It is a huge industry that thrives on conflict, and it produces emotionally damaged children, as well as adults because of systems-induced trauma. Court makes healthy people sick and sick people, sicker. It is a horribly place. And perjury is never punished. You can’t have justice without truth.

          1. it happens it happened to me and i cant get no help every boby here in bogalusa la is in a ciclere and the judge is with the d.c.s stuff help

          2. I was a Child Welfare Worker for 18 years with the county. I’ve seen COUNTLESS families lose their children because the county BENEFITTED MONETARILY if parental rights were terminated. I worked the “front end” in DEPENDECY INVESTIGATIONS & tried to make recommendations to keep families together & that they received services. Once my cases were transferred I could do nothing but watch in dismay as parents’ rights were violated again & again. I am very upset by the way lawmakers ignore the rights of parents & social workers don’t object to this misconduct on a moral level, if nothing else! People are going to have to stand together & let DCF and lawmakers they won’t continue to allow them to take their children!! This is outrageous!

        1. They just need to stop i was tacken from my mother becaise of my dad they want money and they get away with that fuck the police there for i dont care if they can read this most mother and father that have childrwn take care of there bsbies if people would mind there own business i am sorry they kidnap your baby prayers goes out to the most beatuful family and your kid i hope u get ur baby back

      3. Believe it or not it is just that easy in my town the workers actually have a list of cops that if they can’t get your child legally they will go to the list and find a cop who will do it illegally.

      4. Believe it or not it is just that easy in my town the workers actually have a list of cops who if they can’t get your child legally they will go to the list and call one of those cops on the list to do it illegally.

      5. Having dealt with the DCF personally and as a nurse in children’s lives, they are not consistent with their decisions. They have been under investigation for letting the ones who needed to be away through the cracks and children have died under their “care”. Kansas was supposed to be having a separate company investigate the DCF and their whole practices but I have not heard on this. There may be a few, but they do not look out for the welfare of the children, only their interest from the ones I have observed.

      6. Oh it is that easy. I used to be a social worker. They have no checks and balances. Their word is god. Whatever they write in their court reports the judge listens too. The majority of workers i knew were judgemental with terrible assessment skills. Im now an RN due to the crap that i saw as a social worker and my intolerance for the shady ineptness of other workers

      7. It is very easy. All they have to do is present a story to a judge, they don’t have to show any proof. Judges will sign the order every single time, because if it is truly a case of abuse or neglect and they did nothing there would be a big uproar. It is then up to the parents to prove their innocence so they can get their child back. In the meantime children are suffering separation anxiety and at times neglect by foster care families.

      8. to those that think they can’t take your child for low birthweight obviously has not been following the goings on over the last few years…..babies are being taken at birth from mothers/parents because they want to delay or not allow vaccines immediatly after birth, because someone makes a complaint that is based on opinion, because you refuse medical treatment offered, because you want another medical opinion etc etc …..babies are worth money

      9. They can and will remove your children in the state of Kansas if the see a few dishes in your sink directly after dinner, but will leave children in an obviously abusive home. They are extremely corrupt.

    2. Everyone always says there has to be more to the story but it’s not the case at all. SO MANY babies are taken for failure to thrive, there’s one case in Oregon where they actually took the little girl because she was too short. Jennifer Winn is spot on because they are removing children throughout the US for Federal funding. States get anywhere from 62k-80k per child from the FED for every child they take AND they also get adoption bonuses for exceeding the baseline of adoptions from a prior year. There is big money in this and it’s all due to the AFSA and CAPTA laws that were passed in DC.

      1. HEY! I used to say that same damn thing!!! More to their story! Well, HI! Read my story at Mexical Kidnap on facebook. My 10 year old daughter was taken on September 11, 2015 for being under weight. She has Cystic Fibrosis!! It’s part of her disease! Still fighting DHS. It’s BILL SHIT. Someone shut this insane, inhumane Shit down!!! Enough already! Really people! Don’t even think for a second, not us, we don’t so anything wrong. Ha! Remember, I used to say that!!

        1. I hate to say this to you but, once the paper is signed giving up your rights there is nothing anyone can do anymore.

      2. Bill Clinton is the one who signed the bill in 1997 that allows the SSA to pay states for children who have been picked up. In October of 2008 George Bush is the one who signed the bill that doubles the price the state now gets for each child.

    3. I’m sure there’s not. Do your research because this is happening all over the U.S. And the world! Please join the fight to bring all the children home who were removed from loving, innocent parents! #legallykidnapped

    4. HEY! I used to say that same damn thing!!! More to their story! Well, HI! Read my story at Mexical Kidnap on facebook. My 10 year old daughter was taken on September 11, 2015 for being under weight. She has Cystic Fibrosis!! It’s part of her disease! Still fighting DHS. It’s BILL SHIT. Someone shut this insane, inhumane Shit down!!! Enough already! Really people! Don’t even think for a second, not us, we don’t so anything wrong. Ha! Remember, I used to say that!!

    5. There is more to it. The Dr recommended a soy based formula and the parents refused to comply. Obviously the baby wasn’t putting on weight and the Dr recommending soy formula indicates that the baby was spitting up the Similac and not getting enough nutrition from it. This “Kidnapping” garbage is going way to far. Most of you know my story, I am the mother of many “kidnapped” children. They came to us physically and mentally scarred. Hoarding food, terrified if I opened the front door to get the mail, they thought I was leaving the house without them. We can’t get the other side of the story because of privacy laws. So all we get is the parents side. And then that gets convoluted by all the other story’s out there that we can only hear one side of. There was a big controversy in the early nineties about SRS being called to check in on a baby being dosed with cold medicine. They went and checked, baby was alert and awake. There was no sign of abuse or neglect. A few weeks later the baby died of an overdose of Nyquil. SRS was dragged through the dirt on that one. Oh and by the way, it was a normal, healthy Caucasian baby.

      1. I have 5 adopted baby siblings that CFS kept educating the biological mother to keep family together. Should’ve taken the kids much sooner from stories I hear from them.

        1. I didn’t call you names. I’ve been very polite in all of my posts. I have have an opinion and you have yours. Just because we do not agree, doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to be civilized. And yes, soy is very good. Especially if someone is allergic to other formulas.

        2. Oh, yeah? Where’d you get your medical degree from Dr. Sheila? Maybe come from a box of Cracker Jack?

        3. Oh, yeah? And where did you get your medical degree from, Dr. Sheila? Maybe out of a box of Cracker Jack?

        4. All 3 of my children had to be on soy formula because they were allergic to the milk based formulas. And on Wic you couldn’t get soy formula without a letter from the doctor, so it takes time for the weight to be gained back. Soy is not bad for infants either.

    6. Sorry to say Wichita ks police in DCF are dirt bags money hungry monsters in they are really using hittler saying best interests of the child but let’s really take a look at how many are getting raped abused and killed in The care of foster parents adopted parents care they don’t even pea test these family’s but they will hair folic us and pea test us in dangle our kid like there a carrot beleave its happen ing in won’t stop tell we protest in put them to a stop ..

  2. What a joke DCF is for doing this to So many loving caring families!! Why would people in their right mind want to do this to people other than the fact that they want money!! It is sickening and dis heartening!! I will pray for this family to have a better outcome than the one they gave me!!

  3. I live in Florida and DCF is just as corupt here. In my case the changed background check reports, made copies, and then sent them in as true reports. We got court March 14th. Prayers needed.

      1. i work as a caseworker and to educate you all… that is a joke, “there is no bonuses or as you call it incentives for removing kiddos from their biological parents.

  4. I hope this child is returned within days, if not within hours. This is outrageous. A lot of people will criticize this couple for not giving in to the terrorists. I say that they are doing the right thing by making a sacrifice that will hopefully make America safer for their children. Parents have rights and what DCF is doing is unconstitutional and I hope a judge sees that as soon as they get another hearing. People need to show up by the hundreds and make a whole lot of noise about this. Until every child is safe, no child is safe. Families should be trusted to act in their children’s best interests. SCOTUS has said that many, many times.

  5. No offense dcfs should piss off I had a baby that was 4 pounds and way early no drugs no alcohol none of that stuff not even smoking.
    It just happened…
    My advice is this if you are breast feeding or using infant formula I used Enfamil with my kids but also get the 22 calorie infant formula kinda expensive but will help the infant pack on some weight.. in less than two weeks my daughter was just about five pounds after being only four at birth. I’d also get another doctor…

        1. In Tennessee it is a misdemeanor to NOT report suspected abuse or neglect, but it is a felony to make false reports. That shows how much more serious it is that people have their lives turned upside down when falsely or erroneously reported for abuse or neglect. Of course, it is probably hard to prove that you didn’t suspect that a child was being abused or neglected.

    1. My son had to use a prescribed formula from the pharmacy .I wish they would have went a different hospital. The mom is small to so I don’t understand some people which include baby’s are not ment to be thick some are ment to be thin. To me this is a form of kidnapping when there is no true reason to take the baby.the police could have made one call and over turned DCF. So yea. Making s me sad.

  6. I’ve known many, MANY, families with babies with low birth weights. Most have never dealt with DCF at all. None have had DCF involved with them simply for this. There is more to the story, I 100% guarantee you.

      1. Kansas dcf took my two kids from mother failed to contact me the father had to jump through hoops for 6months to get kids back I never lost..they made 3 grand per kid for 6 months…fuck Kansas dcf and police there’s a special place in hell reserved for them
        it’s human trafficking at it’s finest

        1. Same thing happened to my husband. His ex wife lost their daughter because of abuse. (He had been trying to get custody since day 1). They didn’t contact him either. A family friend did. It took him a year to get her out of the Kansas foster system. She lived in squalor with several other foster children. Once he got her to Tennessee, the mother’s rights were terminated. She’s now a junior in college, but still has a long road to recovery.

    1. What socioeconomic status do these families you know fall under? Were they on government aid or insurance? Or were they well-educated and employed? You get treated differently depending on where you lie on these spectrums. My level of care differed significantly when we had better jobs than we we were unemployed. Doctors do not trust poor people to take care of themselves or their children.

    2. Yes there is more to the story. I worked for SRS for 7 years. I never removed a child I didn’t feel was in danger and several times wanted to remove kids but didn’t have enough evidence to do it. There is a process and it’s tough – as it should be! I never got a dime or kudos for removing a kiddo. The goal is ALWAYS reintegration with the family first. Parents always have opportunities to work with the foster care system and the court before termination of parental rights is done.
      My question is what hoop is too big for you jump through for your child?

        1. It’s a new win situation. When babies die at the hands of their parents we as the outsiders are quick to say “Where is the DCF that was to sposse to protect this child” and if they go with the little info they are given in the compliant and act in the best interest of the kids then they are in the wrong for making a decision without all the evidence. Like I said a no win situation

      1. The issue isn’t that there is a hoop too big for a loving parent to jump through. My problem is with arbitrary power and authority. It is never in a child’s best interests for the parents to allow their constitutionally-protected rights to be trampled on. There are “good” CPS workers, but there are also narcissistic control freaks who like to lord it over biological parents and you cannot deny that 10 times more money is made available (Title IV E)to separate parents and children than is made available for family preservation. (Title IV B)

      2. That’s a lie I was in the reintegration program for 3 yrs dud everything they asked me yo do completed everything had a house a job n the dhs adoptee out my daughter to my mom the very one that turned me in!! The lady told me to sign my rights over or I lose my son I just had fuck you dhs you guys are corrupt be I hope every single one of u that works for them is tortured like you did ti me

      3. ya realy my brothers and sisters were ripped from the house with no court order or warrent because some one did a revenge call on my mother we were in foster car for over 3 years 18 months in the judge ordered cps to return because there was no grounds for use to be taken in the first place cps refused to return us and keeped trying to get the case reopened only reason the we were returned was because the state att had her fired and charge for violating the 4th and 14th amendments.

        I know my rights as a father cps can not enter the house with out a warrent and to get that they have to prove the kids life in danger no warrent dont come to my door and threating me with removely of my kids because i refuse to talk to you or let you in or go to the school and talk to my kids that’s removes any protection you have and i can have you charged under the color of law for kidnapping don’t beleave me i done it. I can give you court cases that the supreme court has ruled on that says your wrong

        here to all you fokes fighting with cps http://www.nfpcar.org/Legal/Archive/Fight_CPS_Handbook.pdf itells you of all your rights maby some cps works might read it and learn they breaking the law

  7. I have seen so many parents that dont deserve having their kids and they get to keep them, but here you have parents trying and get a shitty deal. I am so tired of seeing this shit!!! I get so pissed and the police just stand there so smug. I hate DCF!!!!

  8. DCF is stupid and insane. I was in the system. They do nothing but try to takes people children. Children are better off without DCF. Stay out of families lives. How would DCF people had there kids take away. Screw the whole system and people who pay. They only take children from families, so they can get paid.

    1. If they are so concerned with the babies birthweight. Why don’t they get the mother together with a dietician. I mean anything to keep the family together.

  9. They are just doing their job you fucking nut cases. There is obviously a reason they are there. Its not like “hey today we will go take their kids”
    Things lead up to this. All of you that say they are in the wrong for taking the child and are kidnapping them, you are fucking crazy.

      1. I understand anger. But we are no better than them if we feed the Trolls. We shouldn’t wish this to happen to anyone save for those who are honestly in need of help.

    1. They took the baby for a low birth weight. Do you realize how much money a baby like that generates? How naive of you to think this is justified. You do realize that IF you had a baby with a minor problem it could also happen to you

    2. Yeah, if “doing their job” is kidknapping children. I bet this couple received medical assistance and I have a hunch that they wouldn’t have had an issue if they hadn’t been.

    3. Kansas DCF is becoming a f*cking joke! Taking away babies and children from their parents for a stupid reason and then the children that are being abused they do nothing for!

    4. Well my boyfriends sister put an ounce of vodka in her babies bottle because she was teething. He and I had her for 3 months she gained 5 lbs getting her up to 18 lbs. She was 7 months when we got her and 10 whenever dcf gave her back. They never took her to the docter she has social issues and never wanta out of her crib. Also she had suffacated earlier that year at 2 months because they put her face down in her crib with all her stuffed animals. So please fucking tell me why the fuck did they give her back to them?!?!?! Also I wanna know what was so horrible they took this kid away because apparently giving a fucking 7 month old an ounce! Of vodka! Is a okay! This place is so fucking stupid! Excuse my language but it breaks my heart and I just can not stand this crap.

    5. No YOU are the uneducated one who doesn’t realize how cps operates. Please educate yourself before coming here and posting your nonsense! You must be one of their cronies!!! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

    6. DCF is all for money and nothing else. When the system was first started it was good until they figured out how they could make more money. Now everything is corrupt about money. I have heard many stories of were there was nothing but hear say and kids taken. This did not haven until the system was turned over to private companies. They need to make it that there is no money to be made by the private companies that run this and see how many kids are taken.

    7. Hahahahaha you’ve never been through the system, have you? Read some statutes…take a class, it’s how it works, legal kidnapping.

    8. And you’re so brave that you have to post anonymously. Get real! This shit happens every day. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    9. Has it happened to you? Then, really, don’t judge. It happened to my sister. She had a beautiful baby girl. She was not in ANY condition to EVER raise a baby, so the baby was taken. Family first for children taken from unstable parents? Lol….. not in Sedgwick county. Not when there is a brand new infant “for the taking” now available. I had to FIGHT to get that baby. The foster father flat out told me they were planning to adopt her because DFS told them from day one that the baby would NEVER go back to her biological mom. He said quote, “If there was no you we would be adopting baby Sophia…” Well good for you. There is a me. DFS is the devil. They made me (mother of four) take parenting classes, hair folical drug testing, and other unnecesarry things before they finally dropped everything and let me adopt her with them paying for my lawyer. I really think they were trying to find SOMETHING to prevent me from getting her and allow the foster care family to adopt her.

    10. You are not informed. Being ignorant of the new normal procedures of DCF is not your fault. They go to great lengths to hide their corruption and their lies are well tested so they know what works at every turn. Please do some research and you’ll find that child trafficking is big business in the USA and many people are making $$ at every step of the process. Many judges turn a blind eye to the abuses, although a few do believe the lies, most are making big bucks supplying children to people who want kids and don’t care how they get them. This actually isn’t a new problem. Look up Georgia Tann on wikipedia. But, the new part is the widespread abuse being done by government employees who are being paid to kidnap children for the adoption market. God help you if your infant meets the description of a baby wanted by wealthy parents.

  10. Low birth weight can be caused by so many factors that if the courts based their decision solely on that it was irresponsible at best, criminal at worst. My heart goes out to this family

  11. I know a lady had an under weight baby she smoked crack, drank alcohol everyday and did cocaine during her pregnancy. When she went into labor she was drunk and high on crack had her little girl and she only had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks because the baby was having drug withdraws. And let me mention she never went to an OB.She has 6 more kids that her mom takes care of and she had another baby 2 yrs ago same situation. And she has her kids. Well her mom does sense she isn’t never with the kids. DCF is soo full of shit. They tried to take my baby because I was diabetic and my baby girl was to big and they didn’t think I was capable of caring for my kids because of my diabetes. Prayers for this couple hope they get they’re baby soon.

  12. I love how people want to sit there and back DCF yet they post anonymously fucking cowardly ass punks . Don’t get me wrong there are cases where DCF did there job but 9 out of 10 they jump the gun and go off of here say fuck that. All I got to say is try it lmao it would not be a pretty sceen!I have never had to deal with DCF thank the Lord cause God knows I’d be setting behind bars .This family has much more restraint than me and I truly hope the people responsible for taking your children pay for there actions.

  13. DCF workers are just doing their jobs. People in the community make the reports that get DCF involved; Physicans, neighbors, family members and school staff. The judge orders DCF to remove the children with LEO assistance from the reports and investigations that are done.

    Thank you DCF for being there.

    1. Not completely true. Welfare checks do not require a judge to ok it. And if you get a stupid one Like we did she will have the cops remove them. She will lie under oath when the case finally does make it to a docket.

  14. There is more to this than what is being told. I would be mad at the physician that started this whole thing. Obviously this physician has a problem with these parents or is missing a condition that the kids have. I feel sorry for the cops serving out the warrant to take the child. It’s not their fault and yet this lady is giving them grief for doing their job.

  15. Protect with your bang with your life, simple as that. As a father i wouldn’t let no police, social worker or anyone come in myself home and take my baby just because they think they can. Not everyone is the same, but protect your babies. As all parents should.

  16. DCF picks on innocent families for any reason. Somebody called DCF on me for my 3 year old son for running outside and having skinned up knees and hands. It was in June. It took me close to a year to get him back.

  17. To all these Ignorant Ass Ppl the are saying it more to the story. Then low birth weight well let me tell u I went though the hell of the dvf system with my kids & when I tell u they take u though Hell to the point of u thinking of taking ur own life its just that and I was that person at one point. Its Soo soo Saddening and my son hates me to this day because he feels I chose his sister over him in which that wasn’t it at all I was made to choose between my kids and if I didn’t agree they said I wouldn’t have either of them. I know this sounds unbelievable cause I wouldn’t believe it myself if someone told me this. But am very thankful for the family that was there to witness the words that came from my court appointed lawyers mouth. So with being said the DCF are very very ruthless evil ppl. My story goes deeper than that but I just gave a Lil example of how things played out. So Believe It it happens!!!!

  18. My thoughts and prayers are with t this Family its so heartwrenching to see what you all just went thru and what your facing i wish i had the money to help with attorneys for ya

  19. Also, as I have discovered because it has happened to people I know as well as I know people who used to work for DCF, that every time that a child gets take away from their real parent and then gets adopted out to another family, that person in DCF who handled the case gets a bonus in their check. It creates an environment of hostility to ligit parents. Also makes you wonder how much of a kick back the Doctor gets for reporting it. Or was his ego bruised because he was thwarted the first time and just had to get back after them. Personally, I would have changed doctors after the first incident. DCF is enormously corrupt and this is just the tip of it.

    1. That is absolutely untrue. I was a CPS social worker for 4 years and I Never received a “bonus” for removing a child, nor did any of my coworkers. We were Never encouraged to take children from the home because of money or kickbacks. Every time I was involved in a decision to remove a child, it was a stressful, gut-wrenching decision!

      1. Smh. I wish people didn’t think this… As a CPs worker for Missouri , we do not get bonuses… We actually have more work to do when picking a child up for the small pay we already get…. So it has to be something serious for a worker to actually want to do all that extra work for the shit amount of money they make… Not worth it for a child who doesn’t need to come out of the home…. Smh. Not all cps workers are bad… Maybe not all are educated or tenured and make hasty decisions on cases but its not just the worker who makes the desicion. The supervisor is involved, family court, and police. I can only speak for Missouri cps…… But please people, we do not get bonuses for taking a child… And the state does not get money for the child like you think. The state actually has to care for the child so any monies they do get goes to daycare, medical needs, therapy, clothing, stipends for foster parents fostering the child or children, and much more…. I know you may have a jaded look on the situation if it went bad for you or somebody you know…. But every case is different and every worker is different. God bless… I hope you guys can see both sides…

          1. Like Brittany said, the money is for the care of the child. I did CPS for 4 years and now I am a case worker with one of the contracted agencies. No one is getting rich, or even getting bonuses for removing or adopting out children. In fact, a lot of the fed money that comes in is allocated, by DCF, to adoptive parents to assist with the care of the child(ren).

        1. That is a lie. I got taken from my mom and they all got a bonus and they only took me for money. I was going to school and I wasn’t in any trouble. My mom was taking care of me. Screw DCF and the government. All the caseworkers lied to you every time. I was old enough to know better. I got to decide if I wanted to be adopted. I said he’ll no.

  20. It is called get a good lawyer work extra to pay for it and once you have them back get out of Kansas! There are other places to live there are many many medical reasons for children’s weight, however if the Dr did this before why did you go back there is irresponsiblity on both sides it sounds

  21. So scary for this family! So many kids who NEED taken away are left with worthless parents yet parents who are OBVIOUSLY trying get their child taken away from them. You better bet your ass my baby and I would disappear first!!

  22. They seem to go after the wrong ppl quite often. They often leave the crappy parents alone while they take the healthy babies from the good parents who are not rich, don’t have good paying jobs or just don’t have much. How many adults want to adopt a sick child? New patents or parents who can’t have one of their own for what ever reason don’t want to pay good money and go through all of those parenting classes and so on for a sick child. Almost all of them wasn’t the same things. A healthy new born of their choice. Not a 2yr old who throws fits because they know ur not the mommy or daddy, a 9 yr old who reminds u over and over u r not excepted by them because ur not the real parents or the teen who hits u or cusses u out runs away a lot maybe to look for their real mom out dad because ur not really the boss of them. No patent wants to adopt a child that may reject them because they know from the beginning they r not the real parents. They want them very young so they have time to win them over. Not get pushed away before even getting a chance at parenting. So yes I do believe they take the wrong children most of the time on propose.

  23. I have been there with my grandaughter . They took her for allegations filed on stepdad, then turned it around on the mom. This is sick. Social workers are the ones that need psychiatric help . They are sick individuals. That would torture a child by taking the child from family and putting them in abusive homes. Who in their right mind does this crap. They all need testing. And what police man in their right mind stands by and watches these horrors.

  24. You all act like it’s DCF and the cops fault. But they do not just come take a baby away for low birth weight. There was somthing else going on. And of course the parents are not going to tell you the whole truth.

      1. Come on and post the petition so we can see how corrupt they are. Maybe you are not telling the whole story and want to protect yourself? Prove you’re telling everything and there really is nothing else like many of us believe.

      2. Typical leftist socialist media. Tells you want they want but afraid to publish the truth. Come on Shatz redact the names to protect the innocent and publish the petition.

      3. I need to start my own website Michael Shatz Exposed and show everyone the half truths you publish. Or I can save my money and just keep calling you out and watch you hide in a corner like you have the last 4 days. POST THE PETITION! SHOW THE WORLD THE OTHER HALF OF THE TRUTH! Put me in my place! Prove me wrong.

        1. Hahaha, yes, the coward who posts anonymously says I’m hiding in the corner. This may shock you, but I work a regular job 40 hours a week, and have a family at home. If and when I decide to post what is largely determined by my schedule. It is not determined by anonymous cowards on the internet.

        2. Hahaha. Yes, I’m hiding in the corner from the anonymous coward on the internet. This may surprise you, but I work 40 hours a week at a regular job, and I have a family at home. I post what I choose to, when I choose to, based on my schedule, not yours. Did I call you a coward clearly enough, “Anon”? I’ll post the petition, if and when the people I work with feel it is appropriate. I don’t even read most of these comments, until I notice my name in them, so you might be a lot less significant than you think you are. Oh, by the way, when you post on my site, I get your IP, so you might not be as anonymous as you think you are…

          1. I’m scared now you know what part of town I live in and who my service provider is. Still waiting… Guess you haven’t seen fit to post anything showing your half truths yet.

            1. I don’t need to post anything, because the court gave them their kids back two days after I posted this story, with the judge trying to figure out why the kids were taken in the first place. So, if you want to make a serious inquiry, you can contact me using your name, and I might consider releasing the information with certain info redacted, such as names, addresses, etc. But I am not going to give anything to “Anon”.

  25. How can they get away with taking a child, where is the court order for this farce, and did they parents have a lawyer, of course DCF probable didn’t help them find a lawyer. Ans how can the police just stand there, it’s there job. I thought part of the job would be to SERVE and PROTECT. This is just sickening government pull on families and the families who’s parent are out selling their kids to dealers and sickos, get the increase in there support from the state and city. Don’t they.

  26. I went into the system at 16. Was having issues at home. My dad had just went through his 3rd divorce and was verbally abusing me constantly until one night it got really physical. I filed a report the next morning with my school resource officer. Biggest mistake of my life. I will tell you right now, TFI has the worst case workers . They are all worthless all its a massive scheme for money. Charges were never pressed against my dad yet they took me anyway. Both parents paying $500 a month. I was classified as high risk because I admitted to the worker that I cut myself once when I was 14. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Between racist slave driver foster home, workers refusing to get anything moving in my case, postponed court dates set out at least 90 days each time, millions of hoops my mom had to jump through to get me. It was a living nightmare. They tried to force anti-depressants down my throat. Foster family treated us like dogs and was in it it purely for the money. Case quakers were Katy, Nicole, Tianna, and Mike. Katy was my original worker she was nice but wouldn’t do anything to progress my case and straight up admitted she didn’t want to piss off the foster home I was in because she couldn’t afford to lose them. It wasn’t until I pissed off my foster family by reporting to my mom that the electricity was shut off that anything was done. The ball got rolling and within a week I was placed with my ex stepmother as kinship. Then Nicole and Tianna was transferred to my case Nicole absolutely refused to advance my case. And when Tianna actually tried to do her job, Nicole forced her off the case. It wasn’t until my ex stepmother said I could no longer liver there that a miracle happened. Mike was transferred onto my case and within 30 days I was doing a 30 day home trial with my mom. He made it his goal to get me out of the system before I hit my year mark. Just a couple weeks short of my year I was released from state custody. I have so many stories I could tell from.bdi g in a foster home and the stuff that happened and how me and another girl was treated. The system is completely broken and corrupt. I was held in the system purely just because legally they could. I could tell you the hoops they made the girls families jump through to get them back. I could tell you how case workers framed cases and no played games in court to extend everything as long as possible. One girl was out within 3 months because her family hired a really expensive attorney that caught her case worker in so many lies and harassed the hell out of TFI and SRS until they got sick of him and no just released her. Foster care ruined my life for the most part.

  27. Oh they took my son away here in Junction city Kansas. They did the same sh!t to me but the only difference was my 1st born son was taken away from the me when he was three days old when I was about to go home front the hospital and yes I did sign our discharge papers to go home . But thanks to my midwife Terra Strada who fucked everything up by making false false reports to DCF, ( yes DCF had investigated and found me innocent ) But since my son was already in state cusdoty they couldn’t do anything but leave it up to the courts I was told. Which really made me upset because I was never was given a chance to be mom of my son 1st born son . My son was born 9 pounds .4 ounces and he was perfectly healthy . Their was no thing wrong with him. My son is still now in the state cusdoty and he is now 7 months and 1 day old today. This is complete BS how this state think they can take kids away from good parents And they think they can get away with it. If I had the money to states a lawsuit I would I would sue them for everything and more what they have done to me I would also sue the hospital and my midwife for all the shit they put me the would sue them for everything and more what they have done to me I would also sue the hospital and my midwife for all the shit they put me through . I have so much evidence against St. Francis and how they are working against me.

  28. This is the father’s aunt there is two boys they took them both! They are good parents and it’s bull that they walked in a kidnapped them boys from them after they did everything that was asked of them! It makes me sick to my stomach that DCF did this!!!!


  29. My brother lost his baby boy to our system. Because the mother did not want him and put him up for adoption. When my brother found out it went to court the judge said because my brother did not financially support the mother while she was pregnant that he gave up his legal rights. The baby was then adopted out. The mother who didn’t want the baby gets pics ect. My brother gets nothing

  30. The notion that babies are in high demand for adoption, so DCF tries to kidnap babies to adopt them out is absolutely ludicrous. In my experience in the child welfare system in KS, babies are almost ALWAYS reintegrated with a parent or end up going with a family member. You rarely ever see a baby come into custody and then get adopted out by people outside of the family.

  31. And then when a child dies or end up in the hospital feom thevhanfs of the patents it’s dcf’s fault too? Then people are upset that dcf wasn’t there. Dcf does not kidnap. They investigate calls and I’m so sure there is more to this story than low birth weight. Folks you are getting only the parents side of this story most are not going to admit being wrong. Most of the people on here that seem overly upset are also people that lost their children. .hmmm. it is NOT easy to place these children In foster care. Their are not enough homes. I gurantee the workers taking these children don’t get a bonus on their paychecks for doing so. Sony ou say they get 8000 for babies. Now dobyou think about price of the foster home monthly and the medical provided by the state? Doesn’t seem like a money making deal to me. Do any of you have the statistics on what it costs the state to have a child in foster care? There is more to this story than they wanted to just come in and take their kids. I’m sure the dr reported more than low birth weight.

  32. The ones that don’t deserve to be parents get to keep their kids and the ones that do will lose their children. I’ve seen in numerous times in the town that I live in ks you could be the biggest method head or cook in town and dcf get called and you keep your kids but be the one that drinks every so often or occasionally smokes and bam your kid is gone and within just a few months tour loosing your rights and those children are being put up for adoption

  33. There was a judge in Ks that signed papers to have newborn babies taken before the parents even left the hospital . Parents were given excuse after excuse why their babies were taken and eventually adopted out. He was finally investigated, lost his law license but the heartaches those parents went thru will never heal. It was not fair to biological parents or adoptee parents. Most of the babies were returned to rightful parents. The adopted parents had bonded, the babies had bonded. Babies were toddlers by then and they didn’t understand, living with strangers, their biological parents. It’s the children that pay the price in all these cases, their taken away from family they love ,familiar surroundings and tossed into a strange home with ppl they don’t know. How sad and scary to be these children – for greed and money.

  34. This is scary. A jealous friend of my husband called DCS once and they came out and looked around and were pleased with how much food we had for her in the house, how clean it was, and it was obvious that she was well taken care of, so they closed the case – but people will use this as revenge against someone they have a falling out with, and often they do it to people whose lives revolve around their children because they want to get them where it hurts. I hate that she’s a mugshot in their system now, all because of someone’s anger. People are petty and they don’t realize how much damage they could be doing to the child trying to involve them in an adult disagreement. This also happens a lot between divorced couples in custody battles. Sick. I agree with laws that try to help prevent a child growing up in a life where their parents are constantly putting drugs first and abandoning and neglecting them, but not taking them away because they have health issues or because their parents make one mistake. These days people are afraid to call police for help when they lose a child or they get locked in a car or something because they don’t want them to be taken…they don’t want to be labeled unfit.

  35. I never lost my kids but I was a kinship placement and if a claim is found unsubstantiated they are still more likely to stay in state custody at least for a while. I have seen it first hand. So yes they do kidnap kids. All the money the different private agency receive, Saint Francis never gave me a monthly benefit for fostering they sure collected the money the state gave them. I also went to court with them so yes I know the whole story. This hidding behind not allowed to talk on the case is an excuse. If they could then every one would find how corrupt they are.

  36. I think this is just crazy. I thought that I had to be one of the only people to get their kids took away by Kansas DCF just from being small built. They took all 3 of my kids back in July just because my youngest who is 2 is underweight. In the 8 months that they have had them, she has only gained 2 lbs. I also was not on drugs, I went straight to the police station and took a drug test the day they came and got them. However, I won’t lie, I have had issues with drugs since. I was on the right road to getting them back, or so I thought. I was getting to see them 1 hour every week, it sucked but it was better then nothing, but I got a letter from kvc in the mail stating that I was getting put on unsupervised visit and they gave me a come home date of Dec. 24, and before the unsupervised visits started, and with doing nothing wrong at all, they put me back on monitor visits and said they spoke to soon that the judge denied me having a come home date cause they didn’t know enough about phoebes weight issues yet. So that hit me hard. I did have a couple positive UA’s after that. But now I’m back on track jumping there hoops for them. I realized it don’t matter how dirty the system does you, u still have to do as they say when they say it.

  37. Back in February of 2015 i took in my neighbor’s 4 children because they were taken away due to personal reason’s. I allowed these people in my home, was told this had to be done, this had to be fixed. So we did, we spend about 3 thousand dollars on fixing what they said and on bed’s. anyway, they came and took the kids from me because my certification wasn’t finished yet. And was told once i am they can come back, So my husband used his vacation time to to finish up what had to be done. Now i have 3 kids of my own. After we finished the last class we called to see what was to happen from there, Now we got no call’s back, left lot of messages.Finally 2 weeks later we get a call saying they were coming out to do the final inspection. That day came no show. When i called to see when someone was coming out they said they were told not to do it and that our case was dropped and no longer involved in the children case. I took care of those kids for 7 month’s. Opened my home to them, my kids live’s were turned upside down but they got used to it. Where i live the system is so messed up. Used to be just DHS but because 15 case workers got in trouble year’s ago for lieing on paper work and one of their children “as they put it” was abused and killed by the hands of their foster parent, a company called ‘turning points for children stepped in. And they are just as bad as DHS. They say they are for the children and will work hard to get the kids out of foster care and back iwth family. Yet for now almost a year and the kids are still in foster care, in the bad part of the city, they travel back and forth to school, which takes an hour each way. The three oldest are together while the youngest is alone, after they promised NOT to split them up. The system is messed up. And i feel so bad for this family in the video. I hope they have or will find justice. My son was 5 pounds when he was born, he is 2 now and he is very tiny. He eat’s, but he is also active. It’s a shame, and i’m sorry but the cops looked like a bunch of well you know. They too made me sick, what bacause you have a gun you think you scare me, or better then me, Take the gun away honey and you are just as human as me. Anyway, i hope they find justice and will pray for them,

  38. It’s so screwed up! If that was the case they wouldn’t have even been allowed to take the baby from hospital or make every premature baby be adopted from the parents! I hope that lady got her Karma and rots in hell. Stupid bitch. They tried to pull this carp on us one time, the lady said “I’m trying to help you, I could take your kids at any time of I want too” a year later I tried to file against her and supposedly she hasn’t worked for the state’s for years so I wanna know how the brod found my family had papers and access to things to even threaten me?!

  39. I am sick and tired of dcf who kidnapped our child serenity saying it was neglect when she was in the hospital the whole time children’s mercy can rot in heck ! The real reason was due to Rachel a social worker who has an agenda against me I have Schizophrenia the other thing is I am a transgender I told them they told me to get help then come back and they will work with me to get my child back no lawyer will help due o the fact it’s not in a work place environment well the thing is it’s via text so I have the proof and will not delete this… I am so frustrated at this I know what this family is going through and it’s wrong My our daughter has a missing artery and children’s mercy wants o operate when I told them we were going to take her to Chicago . The moment they did that the hospital kidnaps our child forcing us to be escorted off the property and off the Ronald McDonalds house which they own has well… A court appointed attorney is corrupt as heck they do not care about the damage the torture cps is causing to the parents they just want that paper…

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