Gordon Ramsay on Black Lives Matter

Newly hired Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay attended a forum on racial issues last night, organized by Sunflower Community Action. Moderator and activist Djuan Wash asked a question submitted by an audience member, pertaining to Ramsay’s thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ramsay also promised that if activists were forced to once again protest the Wichita Police Department, that he would attend the protest and address concerns. Ramsay added he hopes to avoid situations where protest would be necessary, by continuing to engage with the community, and to have other officers do the same.

Ramsay pointed out that his officers are stretched to the limit, often responding to call after call, and that this situation has made it very difficult for officers to engage in more community-oriented activities. Ramsay says that he would like officers to be involved in more non-law enforcement roles within the community.

When asked whether he would cooperate with ICE on immigration raids, Ramsay stated that he did not feel that was an appropriate role for the department, unless criminal activity was involved.

3 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay on Black Lives Matter

  1. This guy is a breathe of fresh air for Wichita and Kansas. Smaller towns look up to the bigger cities and try to follow the trends of work they employ. Hopefully the actions he has engaged will spread out and encompass all kinds of folks.

  2. “I get it” says the Chief. Do you get that the BLM ideology is racist, anarchist, hate speech which is directly related to the execution of 7 law enforcement officers (as of now)?

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