Kansas police post picture of “illegal drug” seizure – Internet disagrees

The Harvey County Sheriff’s Office posted a picture to Facebook of what they say is over $4,000 worth of “illegal drugs” that they seized in a traffic stop on I-135. Then, KWCH, Wichita’s local CBS affiliate, shared that photo on its Facebook page, and the internet showed up. From what can be ascertained by the photograph, the seized drugs are actually just marijuana products likely purchased legally in Colorado. Of course, these items are still illegal according to Kansas law, but, by all indications, the majority of the people in Kansas are not supportive of this costly prohibition.

Facebook users took to both the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office’s page, as well as to KWCH’s page to express their opinions on this bust:

“Came here expecting to argue against some ignorant comments but it looks like most of the people of Kansas are waking up!”

“I don’t see any “drugs” wouldn’t money be better spent shutting down meth houses?”

“You mean MEDICINE!!! I’m getn Real tired of this idiocy”

“good job. Weed is SOO dangerous. Why don’t you focus more on keeping drunk drivers off the road that kill innocent people”

“Take 5 guys put them in a room with a keg.. take 5 guys put them in a room with a bong come back 3 hrs later the room with the keg the guys will be loud, obnoxious, acting a fool, stumbling, slurring and possibly fighting. Come back to the room with the bong. They’ll be chilling watching movies playing video games, munching on food , laughing etc. Now which scenario Is better ?”

“The funniest part about this bust… there busting someone for… obviously legal Marijuana bought at a dispensary. … who knows maybe.. this person has cancer and was buying enough to last them for a while. .. who knows obviously if they are paying dispensaries prices more than likely it’s not some drug dealer buying it to sell it.. so yaaa!! Good job on your “drug bust” Kansas u probably have some dying cancer patient sitting in your jail cell! Don’t you feel so good about getting that hardened criminal off these here ol streets of Kansas that are falling apart and have so many pot holes in them that we could use the tax money to fix from the sell of this “so called drug” … bravo!!! U guys are so awesome. …… everyone let’s give them a round of applause”

“Meanwhile Sarah Hopkins is out on bail for supplying a known felon with firearms that killed 3 and wounded many others……#andyouwonderwhatswrongwiththiscountry?”

“This just makes me sad. Somebody is going to jail for this and it shouldn’t even be illegal. How is it a free country when the people tell the government they want something legalized and the government blatantly ignores them?”

“Love seeing pictures of how exactly my tax dollars are wasted in this state. Thanks KWCH”

“I feel so much safer knowing those hardened criminals are off the street! That marijuana leads to blindness and bad reading skills!”

“I hope you jackasses are proud of yourselves. You just threw someone in jail and took their medication away and for what? Because this state is still ran by uneducated hillbillies that see this as a dangerous drug that’s destroying everything right? There seriously is not one single good reason for this. Not one. My God, I hate this state.”

“Glad to see you’re serving the interests of the people in your state. As you can see by the comments everyone thinks you did some GREAT work”

“So was this person also in possession of the sign or is that something the police stole to be able to take this nifty pic showing where they made this ‘huge’ bust? Either way it’s illegal. But we shouldn’t be patting them on the back for making a pretty small weed bust when our state is swimming in meth. Get it together and tackle the real prob.”

“You think the cops would stop posting these dumb post becouse it is just an insult to their intelligence…..busting people for plants…..next they will say you cant catch rain water”

“Glad our tax dollars are paying to lock these guys up! Or we as a state could legalize it and collect those tax dollars…

“If it was methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin I would say marvelous job but the resources it took to make that bust for the dollar amount it was worth was it actually worth it?”

“Probably took it from someone suffering depression or a cancer patient. marijuana has done great things for pain management. I will applaud the coke and meth busts all day long..but boo to this.”

“For once I don’t see a bunch of ignorant comments on a Ks news feed! Makes me have a little more faith in my home state!”

“Meanwhile 3,000 people flew through the construction zone on Kellogg doing 80…. Which is more dangerous? Is that weed? Uh oh, life sentence in Kansas!”

“Your tax dollars at WASTE!!! And let me guess… you are going to ruin this person’s life with felony trafficking charges, ridiculous KS tax stamp violations. Kansas is in no danger of losing its ‘national embarrassment’ status.”

“It’s weed. Nobody cares. The cops should find something better to do.”

“I feel much safer knowing my state arrested people for possessing a flower.”

“Its just marijuana people nobody has died smoking pot its alcohol meth pain pill….. it states in the Bible God give us the herb and the seed.”

“Drugs… You mean weed, Weed that ain’t hurting anyone.”

“Way to waste tax payer money on taking away someones medication great job.. #BleedingKansas

“I just wish some state legislation would take note to the comments sections when we get post from news agencies like this!”

“Was there an actual victim saved from harm here? I’m guessing not.”

“What a waste of taxpayer money. If it were legal that pot could have been sold to do more good than putting a dude who sold that pot in jail.”

“This should be legal and we should be taxing it. And no I don’t even use it.”

“Pot really……I thought they might have started cracking down on meth – heads!”

At least a few people disagreed with the majority:

“Doesn’t matter opinions about legalizing pot. Fact is its still illegal to be in possession of it and police are doing their job. Tax dollars are not waisted either for news reporting this”

“Weather you like it or not, Kansas law is Kansas law. Don’t like the laws here? Work to change them or move. It’s simple really.”

Read more comments and weigh in yourself…

In last year’s April election, the voters of Wichita, Kansas’ largest city, passed a ballot initiative to reduce the penalties for first time possession of small amounts of marijuana from a misdemeanor carrying a one year jail sentence and a $2,500 fine, down to a ticket only offense with a $50 fine.

The State of Kansas sued the City of Wichita, and the case went to the Kansas Supreme Court. The Court ruled in favor of the State, based on a technicality, because the petitioners that organized the ballot initiative failed to provide the City Clerk with a copy of the ordinance at the time that the signatures were turned in.

The Clerk had a copy, and the City of Wichita actually helped draft the ordinance change, but because they were not physically handed a copy at that moment, the State ruled that the will of the voters of Wichita was superseded by this technicality.

Statewide, public opinion favors decriminalization of marijuana. This screenshot from a public policy poll conducted by Fort Hayes State University in 2015 shows that the majority of Kansans are ready for marijuana law reform:

According to Micah Kubic, Executive Director of the ACLU of Kansas, many people arrested for drug-related offenses in Kansas ask to be prosecuted by the federal government, because federal law is less harsh than Kansas’ current drug laws.

6 thoughts on “Kansas police post picture of “illegal drug” seizure – Internet disagrees

  1. IF Kansas weighs tinctures and salves the same as Florida, (tinctures and salves, though MIXTURES/SOLUTIONS usually containing far LESS than a gram of cannabis), the entire container and contents are weighed making it easily OVER 20 grams; thus converting a MISDEMEANOR to a FELONY!!! It’s like measuring the sugar in tea. Rather than only measuring the sugar (even though the container is clearly labeled), they weigh it ALL—the sugar, water, lemon, AND THE PITCHER!!! So what might be a 1/4 cup of sugar becomes over 20 cups!! I know this for a fact!! After delivering a rescue pup to south FL and on the way to get son’s possessions out of storage for a move to CO, and even though I have multiple health issues to include stage 3b—the stage just before 4/dialysis and stage 5/kidney transplant renal failure that the nephrologist believes is due to years of LEGALLY PRESCRIBED anti inflammatory, Mobic (and the police were informed of this), I, a female, then 57 year old was arrested!! If interested, you can read my entire story on sites such as “Oneplant” and “United We Can NOW” on FB.

  2. Cannabis is medicine. Period. Over the counter is the scientific term for recreational. Recreational is an invention of government to $gouge$ money from U.S. Citizen Taxpayers who Do Not Require A Prescription. U.S. Government Patent 6630507 was awarded to and has been owned solely by the USDHHS for OVER 12 YEARS. This cannabis healthful benefits patent covers cannabinoid treatment for “Stroke, trauma (concussions and PTSD), Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and AIDS dementia”. Cannabinoids are G-d Given in naturally occurring in naturally growing cannabis. The NIH Research for this patent was completed prior to the patent application date of February 1 2001—over 15 YEARS AGO. Kansas Citizen Taxpayers are part of the U.S. Citizen Taxpayers who funded the NIH research and the NIH itself. Kansas Citizen Taxpayers Own the patent and continue to find the USDHHS and THE U.S. PATENT OFFICE. U.S. Citizen Taxpayers including Kansas Citizen Taxpayers continue to be incarcerated at a rate of one U.S. Citizen Taxpayer every 42 seconds said the U.S. Citizen Taxpayer funded FBI in 2012. Cannabis Kills Cancer! Please explain one VALID REASON considering the EVIDENCE that Kansas Citizen Taxpayers should be forced to endure this cavalier and arbitrary prolonged agony at the hands of the Kansas State Government and all its Kansas Taxpayer funded petty tyrant bullies . 23,000 scientific biological cannabis research studies are more than enough documented EVIDENCE to regulate and tax cannabis like hot peppers. Anything less REMAINS TYRANNY. http://www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov/gquety/?term=cannabinoids…replace cannabinoids with…cbd…thc…cannabidiol…cannabis…marijuana…to discover many many more scientific biological cannabis research studies to read. Enjoy! “Cannabis G-d Given Gateway To Health” Stop making Kansas a place to escape and avoid. Please make Kansas a desirable destination and home instead of the butt of jokes.

  3. This is sickening, to see our own government violate the constitution twice, when they prohibited a plant they have no authority to prohibit. This violates the 5th and 14th Amendments right to substantive due process that requires the Government to prove they have a right to protect public interests. This means that the substance being outlawed must do more harm than the law against it. They also violate our 1st Amendment right to a redress of grievances against the Government by ignoring the demands of us, the citizens of the United States, to legalize marijuana.

  4. 79 years of intensive cannabis prohibition with it’s entourage effects of global warming, oxygen and ozone depletion, dying oceans, toxic metal soils, has nearly ruined the planet. Biofuels, textiles, paper, plastics, steel, wood products…all should have been made from cannabis. Dirty oil, toxic petroleum based chemotherapy, GMO agriculture….cannabis prohibition was an important lynch pin in the oil-igarchy’s master plan for global domination of the masses. Evidently “uneducated” Kansas Legislators are bought and paid for by this 150 year old oil/pharmaceutical/agricultural oligarchy.

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