Colorado veteran threatens hunger strike if Kansas does not return his children

Colorado veteran Raymond Schwab, who was recently featured on Bill Maher’s HBO television show, has threatened to go on a hunger strike in the Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka if the state does not release his children. Kansas’ Department for Children and Families took Schwab’s children over unsubstantiated allegations made by the family of Schwab’s wife, Amelia. Schwab says those family members, who live in Kansas, were upset that he and Amelia were moving to Colorado.

Raymond and Amelia Schwab being interviewed in the Kansas State Capitol, in Topeka.
Raymond and Amelia Schwab being interviewed in the Kansas State Capitol, in Topeka.

While the state has determined that all of the allegations against the Schwabs were unsubstantiated, they continue to hold the children on the grounds that Raymond, a Gulf War veteran, uses marijuana, in Colorado, to treat his PTSD. Marijuana is legal in Colorado, not only for medicinal purposes, but also for recreational use. In a Facebook post made today, Schwab shares a letter that he has sent to Kansas DCF. Schwab states that if his children are not returned, he will file suit against those individuals responsible, and that he will go on a hunger strike in Topeka.

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Schwab recently addressed Kansas legislators, demanding that his children be returned to him:

At times tearful, Raymond Schwab addresses the Kansas Senate Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee in regards to a proposed CBD oil bill, on January 21, 2016. (video below)

7 thoughts on “Colorado veteran threatens hunger strike if Kansas does not return his children

  1. If I had the ability to be there with you brother I would!! My children were also kidnapped and adopted out by the one and only St. Francis!! I did not have people to help me then to know what my rights were and now I am unable to see my babies till they are 18!! This needs to stop, NOW!!!! It should have been stopped years ago but they pray on people they think won’t fight back or don’t know how to!! If there was a carpool going I would be standing right there beside you!! Praying for you and your babies to come home!!

    1. Read my comment on here bro. if I can help I will privately show you a way I believe may work even if they have already been adopted.
      Clide Pringle on Fb Chattahoochee Florida.
      Msg me and maybe we can help each other. I will not stop attacking DCF.

  2. Our civil government is instituted by God as a barrier against anarchy and injustice. Civil government includes many spheres including ministers in churches and parents in homes. If the government exceeds its proper God-given authority, Christians, in fact, all Americans, must act and remind our legislators to fulfill their proper role- to protect liberty and keep order. Removing children from their homes for unsubstantiated reasons is unjust, and all Americans must speak out against this injustice.
    There is a move to pass the Parental Rights Amendment to elevate parental rights to the highest level of protection, as a fundamental right, in law. Check out for information and how to get involved.

  3. DCF MUST SHOW Probable Cause to take your Children into custody, though they rarely have Probable Cause much less show it. Allegations alone are not Probable Cause. Allegations are Reports. Reports are not evidence unless they are supported by facts. Wrongful Removal usually Violates (cases vary) your 4th, 5th ,6th, 8th and 14th Amendment Rights. Civil Rights Lawsuits, #DUEPROCESSOFLAW. DCF cannot get around Due Process. Don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s word. Research So You Know. Study the Constitution and The Bill of Rights before you hire a Civil Rights Lawyer. DCF preys on ignorance and Desperation. They target poverty and drug and or criminal history and maliciously abuse a process of law in order to abduct Children and sell them through adoption.If you are a target of DCF do not comply with them. Case Plans give them the opportunity to build a case based on medical reports. 5th Amendment- not to be compelled to be a witness against yourself. (psych evaluations). The adoption industry is a 1.4billion$ a year industry. Plus DCFgets a huge streamline of federal funds for foster care and adoption. #HUMANTRAFFICKING. THEY ARE SELLING OUR CHILDREN by using a pipeline #AllegationHotline abusehotline… Wrongful removal accures
    soon as they take your Children into custody without showing PROBABLE CAUSE. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL IN ANY CIVIL CASE you have to file a Demand for Jury Trial in Civil Law. criminal Law you get a Jury Trial automatically. RESEARCH. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. tHIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVISE…. Each case is different. Don’t depend on a lawyer to explain something so important to you without doing your own research. I hope this helps someone Good Luck. Only Parents can Stop DCF. God Bless.

  4. Need help, have a neice that was taken out of my brothers care at 3 days old, it hss now been 15 months, St francis never even acknowledged kinship and put her right into foster care, needless to say we have been trying to get kinship now the foster parents hired a lawyer and says they will get custody bc they have had her since the beginning. Case workers are now saying that if we don’t do something they will win……. they stayed the judge isn’t even considering family at this point. I don’t know what else to do

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