Naked homeless arrest comments reveal true nature of Wichita

The comment sections on Wichita news posts often paint the community as ignorant, uncaring, bigoted people. I suspect this is true for the news comment sections in most cities. However, the comments on a story that the Wichita Eagle published to Facebook this afternoon are much more revealing of the true nature of the majority of the people in Wichita.

According to the Eagle, a naked homeless man was arrested while setting fire to a stack of wooden pallets near the Downtown YMCA. I clicked on the comments, ready to chastise a bunch of people for ridiculing a person who is obviously in need of mental health services, services which have become increasingly difficult to access due to budget cuts by both the State of Kansas and Sedgwick County. I was instead pleasantly surprised to see compassionate, intelligent comments, mixed in with a few light jabs.

2 thoughts on “Naked homeless arrest comments reveal true nature of Wichita

  1. The oppressed and those who know not to do right are in most of America’s cities. Mental health funds have been slashed or all together eliminated by federal and state legislatures. Shame on America.

  2. Kansas IS bigoted. Wichita IS backwards.

    Being without a place to find safety. Being without a place to rest in peace. Being without a place to get away from others. Being put under constant public scrutiny & demise is an absolutely devastating tragedy. It is inhumane. & it is wrong.

    Not a single person could face he faces every single day without breaking. What a loss it is to the rest of us to not see the dignity and great worth of this gentleman.

    My deepest apologies go to this man. I am so so very deeply sorry for how wrong we are about you. Please forgive us.

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