Ted Cruz blames Obama for Bush’s TARP Bailout

During his Super Tuesday speech, Republican candidate Ted Cruz took aim at Donald Trump, questioning the GOP front-runner’s conservatism. While doing so, Cruz contends that Trump was a supporter of Obama’s TARP Wall St. bailout.

“Donald Trump promises to cut deals with Democrats, and to continue the Washington cronyism, just like he supported Obama’s TARP Wall St. bailout.”

TARP stands for Troubled Asset Relief Program, and was indeed a Wall St. bailout that Donald Trump did in fact speak in support of. The only problem with Cruz’ assertion is that he called it “Obama’s TARP”. TAPR was actually signed into law on October 3, 2008, by President George W. Bush, more than one month before Obama had even won the presidential election.

Watch Cruz’ speech on C-SPAN. The aforementioned quote is found around the seven minute mark. 

Cruz has always branded himself as an outsider, one who does not play Washington politics. So, does Cruz not know that Bush signed TARP? Is Cruz just delusional? Or is Cruz just a liar who definitely plays Washington politics?  Kansas voters will have to decide for themselves, this Saturday…



3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz blames Obama for Bush’s TARP Bailout

  1. Tarp is/was Obama’s. The then Senator Obama rushed back to Washington to craft Tarp. I don’t know why the job fell to him but it did.

    1. Per Propublica: $618.1 B dispersed in TARP monies, $683.4 B Refund = $65.3 B PROFIT for the US Gov’t. (in the neighborhood of 10% profit) http://projects.propublica.org/bailout

      All the Obama blaming has become sickening old rhetoric. Why can’t Cruz tell us what he’s going to do for America as the leader? Versus: “blame, blame, blame, blame, praise Jesus, blame, blame, blame etc etc etc”. He needs to grow up, focus on what he can do for the betterment of America and stop worrying (and continually talking) about Obama or Trump.

      I’m going with “Cruz is just a liar” too.

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