Westboro Baptist Church kid’s face will haunt you

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both spoke at the Republican Caucus in Wichita, Kansas this morning. Never one to miss a freak show, the Westboro Baptist Church, the same church that protests soldiers’ funerals carrying signs that say “God Hates Fags”, showed up to make their meager presence known.

A handful of about five Westboro Baptist Church members showed up, one of whom appeared to be roughly ten years old. The woman in the picture with him, presumably his mother, made him pose for this picture:

Take a closer look at this poor child:

This is what a brainwashed child looks like. The Westboro Baptist Church, which is based in Topeka, Kansas, and started by the now deceased Fred Phelps, specializes in suing municipalities that infringe on its First Amendment rights. Unfortunately, that same First Amendment protects their perverse religious beliefs, and allows them to tote this child around like a set prop, as they spew their hatred.

Kansas’ Department for Children and Families may not be able to remove this child based on his parents’ religious beliefs, but surely there is a more constitutionally viable reason to stop these hate mongers from raising children.

6 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church kid’s face will haunt you

  1. You know what the WBC apparently doesn’t hate? NFL football. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen one of them wearing NFL garb. It always strikes me as extremely strange.

  2. Why isn’t this photo being brought face-center before Kansas’ DHW? Is Kansas DHW afraid 2 take on Westborough Church? If so, Kansas DHS: grow a pair, you are these kids only hope!

  3. Sure wish religious radicals realized that American Liberty gives you no right to force others to live by YOUR morals and beliefs.

    Liberty means your freedom to practice your convictions on YOURSELF; not force any others to practice your morals and beliefs.

    How would you anti-gays like it if gays were as adamant as you all in forcing YOU to live by THEIR belief set?

    Get over yourselves. Live and let live is the best policy for all of us. Teach your kids your morals and beliefs if you want, but don’t expect you have ANY RIGHT at all to form others’ moral codes to your liking. You don’t, and if you truly stood for Liberty and freedom in America, you wouldn’t want to force yourself on others, lest the time comes when they retaliate and force their belief sets on you.

    Be glad you are able to practice your beliefs and morals in America. What you CANNOT do is force others to live by your moral code. To do otherwise is waste of your energy and nothing more.

    Accept that none of us ultimately get “our way,”. and see that fact as a lesson for you to learn from as far as toleration of others goes…as Jesus tolerated all others, regardless of all individuals’ differing moral codes.

    Show your strength of character in not getting your own way, and carry on in your own way without your need to force others to live according to YOUR beliefs. Why? As I said, if you got that wish, the day would come when you would be forced to live by others’ moral codes and not your own. Sound good to you? Didn’t think so.

    Actions ALWAYS have consequences. Be sure, in advance, you fully understand the consequences of YOUR actions. At present, I don’t believe you do. You are just too focused on others’ moral codes and your self-presumed rights to overrule others’ belief sets.

    In reality, you are only allowed to personally follow YOUR OWN morals and beliefs. You have NO RIGHT, NO GROUND, to force any others to live by your set of morals/beliefs. NONE!

    Mature adults accept that reality. Time you grew up and accepted you aren’t the center of the universe either. Get some mature humility of your own, and be glad no one is forcing YOU to live by their morals/belief codes. Thank God that is so. Above all, be humble to ALL others whether you agree with them or not. In God’s eyes you are no better than any other human being on earth, so if you believe your moral/belief codes make you “better” in God’s eyes, you are wrong.

    Only your belief in Christ, assuming you are truly Christ oriented, will get you into heaven. NO AMOUNT of convincing others and keeping some stupid tally of numbers of people you converted will get you into heaven, REGARDLESS of what your pastor tells you. Who do you believe more? Christ or your pastor?

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