Head shop crackdown raises questions on who is really in charge at WPD

Throughout the day, we have been tracking a story on the Wichita Police Department cracking down on head shops in Wichita. At 11:50 this morning, we emailed Chief of Police Gordon Ramsay, asking if the department was behind this effort.

At 2:56 this afternoon, Chief Ramsay replied, stating that he was unaware of any such efforts.

At 3:10 this afternoon, the Wichita Eagle published a story, quoting Capt. Kevin Mears of the Wichita Police Department, stating that yes, the department is engaged in a crackdown on Wichita head shops.

At 3:32, I send Chief Ramsay this screenshot from a private message sent from WPD’s Facebook page:

At 4:50 this afternoon, Chief Ramsay and I are still conversing about this situation, and Chief Ramsay still seems to be unaware of what is happening. At this time, I myself am also still unaware of the Wichita Eagle story.

This timeline raises several questions, the first of which is, if Chief Ramsay did not call for this sudden enforcement, then who did initiate this crackdown?

Chief Ramsay has only been with the Wichita Police Department since January, so, how much control he really has over his department is questionable.

Why is this being done? What purpose is served by putting people out of work and taking sales revenue away from legitimate Wichita business owners?

Will all of the businesses who carry these products be forced to comply, or will certain businesses with the right connections be permitted to continue operating, as is alleged to have occurred in the past?

This video shows a Wichita Police Officer delivering the notification to Up in Smoke, a head shop located on East Douglas:

7 thoughts on “Head shop crackdown raises questions on who is really in charge at WPD

  1. Just wanted to say I bought a piece from one of the local head shops today as an art piece. I don’t think I would want to smoke out of it it’s so nice.

    My point. Not all pieces are meant to even be smoked out of. Some of us Wichitans appreciate hand made glass art.

    Love your site, thanks for the updates.

  2. Maybe WPD should start cleaning around their own door, with random drug checks, due to the dirty cop syndrome going on.

      1. I dont know about that, because it would exclude people who indulge in marijuana but less likely to catch any of the really dangerous substances that leave the system quickly.

  3. The city is doing to the head shops what they tried to do to the piercing and tattoo shops and to certain bars(ask Schane…). Money is power and power is influence and they are feeling too much of a push from the parts of Wichita that aren’t inline with their vision for this city. They are counting on shops giving up and closing.

  4. Maybe it’s time to start investigating doctors that primarily serve cops for over prescribing pain pills because these assholes must be high. No wait–look into that. I bet 2 out of 5 wpd are dependent on oxy. Let’s hit these fuckers where it hurts them.

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