Old law being used to shutdown Wichita head shops?

The reason that 42 Below and multiple other shops in Wichita are being told that they can no longer sell glass pipes and bongs is highly questionable. A flier being distributed by an unknown source says that the order stems from a law the state passed in 2008, which was lobbied for by the Wichita NAACP. That law, which was intended to make it harder for convenience stores to sell crack pipes masquerading as fake miniature roses in glass vials, is now either being used to restrict the sale of glass tobacco pipes which some people use to smoke marijuana, or as some sort of a hoax.
Inventory from Cloud Nine, a Wichita store that will be affected by the new enforcement.
Inventory from Cloud Nine, a Wichita store that will be affected by the new enforcement.
According to local business owners, someone in law enforcement has been passing out fliers ordering these shops to stop selling glass pipes and related products, giving seven days for the businesses to comply with the new enforcement. If this is accurate, Wichita is not the only city cracking down on these shops, as a similar store was recently shutdown in Newton, Kansas. 42 Below owner Jeremiah Wilson has announced a closing sale to clear out their existing inventory, which will end on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.
However, the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department says that they are not behind this, and that the Sheriffs emblem being used on the flier that has been posted online is an old emblem from Shawnee County that has not been used in years.

18 thoughts on “Old law being used to shutdown Wichita head shops?

    1. Just a little background to why NAACP lobbied for the law. Crack epidemic had devastated the area. A young lady went into a store that sold the paraphernalia and was killed. People who came in to the store just stepped over her body.
      This caused a lot of people to want the store which had a lot of crime to be shut down.

        1. Just tried to post the link, not certain if it worked. It was in 2007, by 21st & Hillside. People were taking pictures of her and walking over her rather than calling for help. I don’t recall if she died there, or later at the hospital. It may say in the article.

  1. Way to police the system do your jobs the right way. Study a book and see how well that works out. You can’t outlaw glass blowing so guess what? That’s right we’ll just keep making them hand them out for free and accept donations problem solved.

  2. Other than closing down local businesses and putting people out of work it’s not going to stop anything , you can still order your glass pipes off of the internet! And to say that using a glass pipe for potential marijuana use so we’re going to ban All Glass is like saying we’re going to band all steak knives because somebody might decide to kill somebody with it. Ridiculous!

  3. This is by far the most stupidest thing that could of ever happened to Kansas I really wonder if they thought this through. I really don’t think they did knowing, and assuming that the boards and its members want to make Wichita let alone Kansas a better, striving community we should of went after the places that do sell crack, and meth pipes. You know the drugs and its paraphernalia that litterally kills and ruins family’s in Kansas but decide to screw it up for everyone else no vote, no nothing. I’m sorry if this offends any of our residents here and that’s not my intention but fuck Kansas keep this stuff up and we will in fact loose more and more residents here and then what are they going to do when there’s not enough residents to keep this state a float? Here they are thinking about closing schools, or their budget cutting steming off of the school district and its educators I hope this state fails and falls because it just starts with this who knows what’s next. I am again sorry if I have offended anyone but FUCK kansas.

      1. Wow! That is your great contribution to the discussion, “Anonymous”? Grammar police are the smuggest , most irritating , anal people around. I understand that is how you feel superior, though. At least Jason had something to say about the actual topic. As a college educator in Kansas, I appreciate content, and an attempt to think about the topic at hand. Jason, I think you have a good point. There is a strong attempt by the governor and his ilk to turn this state into a Catholic/Christian religious oasis. If they really are closing head shops, it is, as Jason points out, just another reason for people to vote with their feet. Jobs are leaving the state in droves and life is becoming harder as the governor taxes lower and middle income people into the ground in a feeble attempt to keep the state viable. And forcing your tax base out is not a good way to keep tax revenue flowing into state coffers. Closing head shops will not help the state get back on it’s feet. It will, however, encourage more people to leave for less uptight states. And there are plenty to choose from.

  4. To all out there back in 1995 my family and I opened up a place in hutch called the family affair we are still here. A few years later we opened up the mystic planet we and the seventh heaven in Lawrence ks were the only ones in the state at that time. Not bragging but we opened the door for all who proudly have a headshop today. Along the way Orion’s outer limits Shawn and I went to Topeka in 2008 and fought for our rights .They were threatening us then as they are now but we won that battle because we stood together.It was brought to their attention that alot of what I was selling was patented by the US government and that they didn’t have a problem taking my tax money and so on. Our products our items our glass and so on are not paraphanalia until someone makes it that. When is the state of Kansas going to wake up and smell well you know what. Thanks for listening to my ramblings,and from the Family Affair and what was The Mystic Planet pleeeeese support your local planet……..

  5. what if we somehow made a state wide request from the citizens of kansas to colorado and a petition to sell kansas to colorado

  6. I just moved here from new Mexico, and I was blown away by the fact that I could go to jail because I have a pipe in my possession. I had a medical marijuana card in New Mexico , for back pain, insomnia, and ptsd from being in the military. I was told that a glass spoon was used for smoking crack. Wtf. I have had to turn to using prescription drugs for my pain relief. These drugs are just what they are drugs. Which the human body becomes immune to, or at least,then I must take a higher dosage for the same pain relief. All because some ignorant people don’t really know what glass sloons , water lo Iles and other smoking accessories are truly used for. To be honest I should have moved to Colorado, wich I plan on doing as soon as possible maybe Kansas should look into what the neighbors have done with there laws. Marijuana is form God not some crack dealer, OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE.

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