Who is behind the Wichita head shop “crackdown”?

Wichita Police Chief says head shop crackdown is a rumor, but…

Old law being used to shutdown Wichita head shops?

This flier is being disseminated online, and possibly to Wichita area head shops, reportedly by unnamed law enforcement officers. However, the emblems at the bottom of this flier are for Shawnee County and Topeka law enforcement agencies, not Sedgwick County or Wichita law enforcement agencies.

The Sedgwick County Sheriffs Department says that they are not involved in this crackdown. The Wichita Police Department has not responded to our inquiry yet. So, who is behind this?

Local head shop 42 Below is having a “closing sale” to clear out their inventory, but, so far, there are no credible sources that will confirm that a crackdown is taking place.

One thought on “Who is behind the Wichita head shop “crackdown”?

  1. Michael – I don’t know if you will read this or not. The web address on that flyer he gave out is inactive. The law cited on the first page of the flyer hasn’t been on the books since 2009 – it was repealed. I am interested in the second page of the flyer. It seems to be much more in depth.

    I think the real scandal here is the police don’t even know what law is on the books. They seem to be completely incompetent on this.

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