WPD Chief says head shop crackdown is a rumor

Head shop crackdown raises questions on who is really in charge at WPD

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay returned our email inquiring about the Wichita head shop crackdown. Chief Ramsay says he has heard nothing about any crackdown on glass pipes or bongs, and that these are just rumors.

However, the person running the WPD Facebook page says that a community policing officer from the North Precinct has been going around to the businesses and educating them on the law, but that no enforcement has taken place, and that no businesses have been shut down.


Sources at 42 Below, the shop that has announced it is closing this Tuesday, confirm that a uniformed WPD officer came to their shop and told them that they had until Tuesday to clear out their inventory, or that the law would be enforced.

It would seem, from these conversations, that any threats to enforce these laws, if they are enforceable in this manner, have not come with the blessing or authorization of Chief Ramsay.

Who is behind the Wichita head shop crackdown?

Old law being used to shutdown Wichita head shops?

3 thoughts on “WPD Chief says head shop crackdown is a rumor

    1. Here in Wichita, Kansas we have the privilege of buying or obtaining items that we may or may not have the right to posses rather we obtain these items to use in a legal manner like the item was intended for, or an illegal manner in which the business does not condone. Now what I don’t understand these items can be imported here in the United States and distributed to businesses to sale to the public but once one or the other takes possession it’s all a sudden illegal to have no matter what ones intentions may be. How can one Government Law agency be ok with it and the next not be ok with it but collects Taxes on the product anyways. I think it all B…Shit and the two sides shit should stop and leave the businesses and consumers alone.

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