Colorado veteran erects command post on Kansas Capitol steps in fight for children

Raymond Schwab has erected a command post on the North Steps of the Kansas State Capitol, where he intends to remain until the State of Kansas returns his children into his custody.

Schwab, a United States veteran, has been fighting the State of Kansas for months, after the Department for Children and Families took his children. Schwab contends that the state is holding his children because of his legal use of medicinal marijuana in Colorado, to treat his PTSD.

Kansas DCF claims that Schwab is misrepresenting the situation, and publicly stated that they would release information proving this, if Raymond and his wife Amelia signed disclosure forms waiving confidentiality. Last Monday, those forms were turned in to DCF, but, that information has yet to be released.

Schwab began a hunger strike, 13 days ago, and has spent most of that time at the Capitol. A few days ago,  Schwab was arrested on a warrant for trespassing and criminal damage to property, was held in jail on a $1,200 bond, and then, according to Schwab, was released when the prosecution could not produce information to back up the reason for the warrant.

Schwab says that while in the Shawnee County Jail, he was placed on a suicide watch, stripped naked, and held in a cold cell that reeked of urine.

Schwab has posted a letter from the State of Kansas, which appears to give him permission to camp on the North Steps of the Capitol for 30 days:

Schwab is inviting others to join him. Currently, Schwab is being accompanied by activists Chris Stone and Meko Haze, and his wife, Amelia Schwab. A rally against DCF has been planned for April 1.

Raymond Schwab

4 thoughts on “Colorado veteran erects command post on Kansas Capitol steps in fight for children

  1. This man’s situation is deplorable. I fully support his right to have his children back and urge others to do so.

  2. This is all about the money begat ever office the caseworker works in gets money from the state for each child they have. If you think the money goes to their foster care, think again; the parents are billed for it. The heavier they make the caseloads at the DFS offices, the more money comes in. Like I said, its all about the money.

  3. This angers me! DCF takes kids away for parents smoking pot?! But when the kids are beat to death like here in North Newton and the school social worker actually calls DCF they let the kids sit in abusive household for 3 more years. These kids were beat, had broken bones, and were malnourished and DCF didn’t do shit!!!! And this guy get his kids taken away for smoking pot!

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