DCF Wichita Facility property owned by Brownback donor

Kansas’ Department for Children and Families recently moved their downtown, centrally-located facility to a former post office property located in SE Wichita. The move was criticized by some lawmakers, who stated that this would make it harder for low-income families to access the services they need.

The new facility is a large, fenced-in property that sits at the corner of George Washington Blvd. and South Oliver. Today, demonstrators protesting DCF’s child removal practices were informed that they were not permitted to protest on DCF property, and that they would have to remain on the sidewalk, outside of the fence, because the facility was private property.

The State of Kansas is leasing the property from KBPO, LLC, a private company located at 150 N. Market, in downtown Wichita. KBPO is owned by Steven R. Barrett, a real estate magnate who is also a part owner of the Old Town Warren Theater, and who is deeply involved in development in Old Town and with the Waterwalk project, projects which have been heavily subsidized by the City of Wichita.

On July 22, 2015, DCF announced that the agency would move its operations to the South Oliver facility. On July 24, 2015, two days later, Barrett gave Kansas Governor Sam Brownback a campaign donation of $2,500.

DCF's slogan: "Strong families make a strong Kansas".


4 thoughts on “DCF Wichita Facility property owned by Brownback donor

  1. DCF and Saint Francis are holding my grandson without proper cause.
    They continue to say they are going to kinship him in now 6 months later 10 house checks, 10 UA’s and all passed with flying colors they still have him in a foster home.. Seriously.. While his little sister waits that is 5 years old for him to come home.. Bad enough she lost her mom in a tragic accident and my grandson lost his dad to drugs and is on the run from the state but now the father of the bio dad which is an alcoholic is trying to get kinship and adopt him.. and I have no money for an attorney as this whole thing has devastated our life. We can’t seem to get anyone to look at this as they want to get the money for adopting our grandson out to some stranger.. Thought there job was to keep families together..
    I start work next week and wow what a struggle it has been to get here..
    My heart breaks every day as these in human people just take and take making money off the very children of this state.. Makes me sick.

    1. You are so right DFC needs cleaned out and all new people brought in it is all about making money off the children they take so they make it imposable for a family member to get them , with their mother got and they know dad is not coming back they think that makes it ok to do whatever they want with children even if a family member is wanting them . and if they are to old then they get messed up foster parents that are worse then where they took them from . i will tell you if you don’t kiss there butts even if there in the wrong cause of the way they abuse the power they have over family’s you will never get your child cause once they don’t like you that’s all it takes they don’t care if your upset for what they are doing you still have to kiss A** i have never had a kid taken and mine are all grown but i was a foster mother for over a year and they way i seen them treat the parents was sad very corrupt people work in DFC and as many complaints as they get and all the taxes kansas charges they would set up a sting in there so they can see first had what wichita kansas DFC is really about catch them red handed . those people that work there are no better then anyone they look down on my brother took out a women a couple times that worked there a few years back but he stopped when she had drugs on and almost got him arrested right along with her when someone told on her when they seen her in the bathroom at the place he took her to eat and they called the police . i do not know if she still works at DFC or not but that’s what kind of people they got working in there looking down on other people . good luck i hope u get your grandson just don’t give up put something up on that donations web site to help u get a lawyer or find one probono. but don’t give up that’s what they want you to do.

  2. I’ve created a petition to change the laws for DCF. It essentially says that the state should not take custody of any child unless both parents are incarcerated, deceased, missing or willing. No other circumstance is even conceivably in the best interests of the child.

    Please, everyone sign it, share it on Twitter and Facebook, etc.


    1. What if child is starving? Has bruises? Left unattended? Given alcohol? Missing to much school? Or many other tragic circumstances that happen to children all the time? Are those reasons to remove a child?

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