Missing Kansas woman’s last known words: “OMG just pulled over again”

Over one month has passed since Kansas student Toni Anderson disappeared after being pulled over by a North Kansas City police officer. In the early morning hours of January 16, 2017, Anderson, 20, texted a friend, “OMG just pulled over again”.


Initially, Kansas City area police did not believe Anderson had been pulled over, but eventually confirmed that she was pulled over for an improper lane change, given a warning, and then escorted to a nearby Quik Trip by the unnamed officer.

Due to her employment at a Kansas City gentlemen’s club, some have speculated that Anderson either “ran off with a sugar daddy”, or got herself killed due to her own behavior. One Kansas City activist, Alonzo Washington, says that Anderson’s father has also disappeared with $10,000 raised in a GoFundme account.

Washington, who uses the Twitter handle @kccrimefighter, has claimed that Anderson’s disappearance is an elaborate hoax and that the fundraising to pay for detectives is a scam, concocted by Anderson and her boyfriend.

However, Anderson’s father was interviewed by Wichita’s KWCH Eyewitness News, yesterday. Anderson’s father says that there are still no leads in his daughter’s disappearance, and that as many as six detectives are currently working on the case. While the article does not mention any money, Anderson’s father is clearly not missing, as Washington alleges.

Washington, who is not a law enforcement officer, posted several photos of Anderson in suggestive clothing, shortly after her disappearance, alleging that her lifestyle is to blame for anything that may have happened to her. Washington repeatedly refers to Anderson as “the stripper”, and claims that the police say she is “okay”, although when pressed, he could not provide any source for this information.

A popular Kansas City blog appears to be using Washington as a source, and has posted several articles echoing Washington’s theories about Anderson’s disappearance, despite Washington’s questionable sources.

Police have stated that they do not have any evidence of foul play, but Anderson’s friends and family say that her disappearance is completely out of character. Anderson is from Wichita, where she attended Robinson Middle School.

Friends of Anderson believe she has been taken by human traffickers, and have not given up searching for her. Kansas is a known hub for human traffickers. Police in Kansas City appear to be taking the case seriously, searching rivers and other areas for the missing woman and her car, a black Ford Focus, which is also still missing.

As it stands, Anderson’s last known contact appears to have been with a police officer, although there is no indication that the officer is being treated as a potential suspect in the case.






2 thoughts on “Missing Kansas woman’s last known words: “OMG just pulled over again”

  1. I will be in prayer for the family and friends of the missing young lady. My prayer is that she will be found alive and well IN the name of Jesus Christ Amen

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