January 21

Someone should tell Joni Ernst that US is far from the “greatest”

The worst part of Senator Joni Ernst’s speech last night might have been the last words she said: “May God bless this great country of ours, the brave Americans serving in uniform on our behalf, and you, the hardworking men and women who make the United States of America the greatest nation the world has […]

January 19

10 Mind blowing facts that show the racism in US incarceration

The following data was compiled by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). 72% of the illicit drug users in the United States are white 13.5% of the illicit drug users in the United States are black 37% of all those arrested for drug violations in the United States are black 60% of all those held in […]

January 14

WPD releases report on police shooting, redacts all relevant info

This is not a joke. This is the actual document that the Wichita Police Department released in regards to the officer-involved-shooting death of John Paul Quintero. The department could have saved the taxpayers some money on ink by simply releasing a blank sheet of paper…  

January 13

WPD: Dog shot by officer was documented gang member

According to Wichita Police spokesperson Lt. Canicide, the German Shepherd fatally shot by an officer last week was a documented gang member, and is suspected of shoplifting dog biscuits from a local Petco, just hours before officers responded to a disturbance. After killing the dog, officers learned that they were at the wrong address, but […]

January 08

Poll: Should the City of Wichita spend $30 million on a new library?

The City of Wichita appears ready to move forward with a plan to spend $30 million on a new central public library. More details on the project are available in this article. These polls are obviously not scientific.

January 08

KWCH Withheld Key Information in Attack on Kansas Exposed

In KWCH’s tabloid-like attack on Kansas Exposed, over an honest mistake in reporting, journalist Lauren Seabrook made a deliberate and glaring omission. The officer that Kansas Exposed falsely named as the shooter in the death of John Quintero is in fact the shooter in the death of Karen Jackson, which was what the actual headline […]

January 07

Poll: Should Kansas Raise its Minimum Wage?

Kansas State Representative Jim Ward has introduced a bill that, if passed, will raise the state’s minimum wage by three dollars over the next three years.