April 17

Kansas Police shutdown cannabis oil activist’s Facebook to prevent her from raising money for her legal defense

The Garden City Police Department had cannabis oil activist Shona Banda’s Facebook account shutdown because she was using her social media network to raise money for her legal defense after the police raided her home and took her 11 year-old son into custody, all because he vocally disagreed with anti-cannabis propaganda that his school counselors […]

April 15

Shocking number of black people already killed by American police in 2015

It is only April, and already, American police officers have killed an astonishing number of black people, in the line of duty. While CNN and other national news outlets focus on a few high-profile cases, the vast majority of police shootings do not make the headlines, outside of the local news. So far, in 2015, […]

State Rep. Mark Kahrs: "I don't have to answer your questions." April 11

Wait until you see the state officials blocking Wichita’s marijuana law

Wichita residents voted in favor of a measure to reduce the penalties for first time possession of marijuana, by a margin of 54-46%, which is not exactly a close race in terms of an election. State officials have filed with the Kansas Supreme Court to block the implementation of the law that Wichita’s voters approved. […]

Secretary for DCF, Phyllis Gilmore (seated). April 06

Head of Kansas DCF: Shameful fear mongering on marijuana issue

The Secretary for the Department of Children and Families, Phyllis Gilmore, a Brownback appointee, says we cannot reduce the penalties for marijuana possession, because the DCF would have to remove more children from their homes due to substance abuse. You can view Gilmore’s entire statement below. Considering that the vast majority of people in this […]

April 03

Must See: Anti-marijuana lawmaker repeatedly refuses to answer simple question

Kansas State Representative Mark Kahrs and other state officials held a press conference to urge Wichita residents to vote against the marijuana reform initiative, which would reduce the penalties for first time offenses of possession of small amounts of marijuana in Wichita. The initiative was placed on the ballot by the City Council after petitioners […]

March 22

Video: Policing tactics in Wichita’s Old Town entertainment district

In recent years, multiple incidents of gun violence have plagued the Old Town district, prompting the Wichita City Council to designate the bar area as an entertainment district, which allows for increased penalties for offenses such as loitering and disorderly conduct. Most of the incidents were occurring in parking lots, after the bars close. Patrons […]

March 10

Will Sec. State Kobach have the marijuana question removed from Wichita’s ballot?

Secretary of State Kris Kobach has the power to remove the marijuana reform initiative from Wichita’s ballot, and is┬áplanning to do just that, according to an anonymous government source. The Wichita City Council approved a ballot initiative to reduce the penalties for small amounts of marijuana, after petitioners gathered over 3,000 signatures from registered voters. […]