October 21

IAFF: City of Wichita not treating firefighters fairly

Mark Woolbright, International Vice President for the International Association of Firefighters [IAFF] came to Wichita today, to address the City Council on anti-union actions taken by the City, against Wichita firefighters. Matt Shulte, President of Local 135, says Wichita firefighters are not being paid properly and face intimidation tactics from management. Jennifer Winn, candidate for […]

October 17

Kansas Water Board member: Wichita has 20 year water supply

This letter-to-the-editor was written by geologist Karma Mason, who also serves on the Kansas State Water Board: “Over the past year, the city of Wichita has evaluated potential new water supply options. Recently, the city revealed enhancement of the aquifer storage and recovery project (ASR) as the preferred new supply. Although ASR enhancement may ultimately […]

October 15

New Wichita petition to remove criminal penalties for marijuana

This is the final draft of the new petition to remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana in the City of Wichita. I am having difficulty getting the downloadable pdf. version online, but it should be available soon.

October 14

Questioning the water project in the proposed Wichita sales tax increase

As some of you may know, I work for Jennifer Winn, who is currently running for Mayor, and who also happens to be an irrigation specialist. We were reading this recent story in the Wichita Eagle where Director of Public Works and Utilities, Alan King, cited a study conducted by Black and Veatch. King notes […]

September 23

How the University of Phoenix robbed me and millions of other students

I started my adult life as a homeless teenager, with a GED education and virtually nothing in the way of job skills. I slept on park benches, right here in Wichita, for a long time. Eventually, I was able to overcome homelessness, and I started a family, working menial jobs that brought me little in […]

Van Williams, City of Wichita Public Information Officer September 18

My apology to City of Wichita Public Information Officer Van Williams

Yesterday, I posted a story entitled: “How the City of Wichita bought off an investigative journalist”, which I am today retracting. In that story, I outline how Van Williams, the current public information officer for the City of Wichita was, at one time, an investigative journalist for the Wichita Eagle, covering corruption stories at City […]

WPD September 17

Are you on the WPD’s documented gang member list?

If the Wichita Police Department places an individual on their documented gang member list, the legal ramifications can be very serious. If arrested, a documented gang member can face significantly higher bonds. If placed on probation or parole, a documented gang member may face stricter conditions than a person who is not on the list […]