March 05

The hypocrisy of Kansas sheriff suing Colorado over pot laws

A┬áKansas sheriff and county attorney are suing the State of Colorado because Colorado’s state laws governing marijuana directly contradict federal law. Sherman County District Attorney Charles Moser and Sherman County Sheriff Burton Pianalto, have joined a lawsuit filed by sheriffs and county attorneys in Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Sherman County is on the Kansas/Colorado border, […]

March 04

Video: Man describes how WPD’s “Dirty Harry” beat him into a coma

The City of Wichita recently held a series of public meetings referred to as “No Ferguson Here” to discuss police/community relations. Greg Bailey took to the microphone to describe how Wichita police officer Robert “Dirty Harry” Bachman and other officers used a taser on him, and beat him with a club while his hands were […]

March 03

Police officer spoofs McConaughey’s moody Lincoln commercial

CEDAR HILL, TX (KTVT/CNN) – In a popular Lincoln commercial, star Matthew McConaughey rides around looking dapper and speaking about abstract thoughts that can be interpreted however you want. “I know there are those that say you can’t go back, but yes you can, where you been, how you got here, see where you’re going,” […]

February 13

WPD conducts violent no-knock raid: guess what they found

This past Friday, February 6th, Wichita residents Taylor Tymony, 22, and Michael Kostelecky, 21, were surprised by Wichita police officers breaking their unlocked door down with a battering ram. The officers charged into the the home the men rent with a third man, Jake Houston, 20, with rifles drawn to serve a search warrant. Torrie […]

February 12

Nearly 4 years later, mother of man shot by police has no answers

Nearly four years after Dejuan Colbert was shot by Wichita police officers, his mother, Doris Colbert, still has no answers. The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office ruled that the shooting was justified in 2012, but no one from the DA’s office or from the Wichita Police Department ever contacted Colbert to tell her anything about […]

February 12

Why Wichita police cars no longer have dashboard cameras

The Wichita Police Department no longer has vehicles that are equipped with dashboard cameras. We spoke with Wichita Police Interim Deputy Chief Gavin Seiler, who says the cameras became obsolete, and that the company that supplied the cameras and accompanying equipment is no longer in business. Seiler says that the body cameras that all Wichita […]

February 06

Kansas bill to provide immunity to minors seeking medical assistance for alcohol-related emergency

Kansas House Bill 2198 would protect minors (people over 18 but under 21) who seek medical assistance for alcohol related emergencies, either for themselves, or for others, provided that the person cooperates with law enforcement and medical personnel. The law would also apply to adults seeking medical assistance for a minor. The minor or adult […]