KSN Caught Misleading Voters in Huge Lie

According to KSN’s latest poll on the Kansas Governor’s Primary race, between Sam Brownback and Jennifer Winn, Jennifer Winn dropped 7%, from 37 to 30, with Brownback rising 5%, from 55-60. However, this is only because in the second poll, KSN did not poll the category of Republicans that Winn scored highest with in the first poll.

In order for this to make sense, we have to start at the beginning of the story. Last month, KSN conducted a scientific poll of Kansas Republican voters in which Jennifer Winn, a political newcomer with virtually no funding, was polling shockingly high against Brownback, the well-financed incumbent.

In that first poll, Winn held 37% of the overall vote, and was actually winning by 3 points in Wichita, Kansas’ largest city. The KSN poll contacted three separate categories of Republican: conservatives, moderates, and liberals. Winn polled low with conservatives, higher with moderates, and best with liberals.

You can clearly see that in KSN's first poll, conducted last month, that they contacted three categories of Republican: conservatives, moderates, and liberals.

You can clearly see that in KSN’s first poll, conducted last month, that they contacted three categories of Republican: conservatives, moderates, and liberals.

In this second poll, the results of which were released this evening, KSN only contacted two categories of Republican voters: conservatives and moderates. They did not contact the liberal Republicans, the group Jennifer Winn polled highest among.

As you can clearly see, KSN omitted the category titled "liberal" from this second poll.

As you can clearly see, KSN omitted the category titled “liberal” from this second poll.

This was done intentionally, to ensure that Winn polled lower. But why would KSN care where Jennifer Winn polls at? The answer is simple, and as usual, involves a great deal of money. KSN, and the other television networks, rely heavily on the revenue generated from the sale of political advertising. Brownback has $4 million in campaign funds that he can spend on advertising, where as Jennifer Winn has virtually zero funds.

In other words, KSN news director Denise Killian manipulated the voters of Kansas in order to ensure that KSN makes more money during this campaign season.

KSN News Director Denise Killian

KSN News Director Denise Killian

The top ten most corrupt officers in the Wichita Police Department

What follows is a list of the ten most corrupt officers in the Wichita Police Department, compiled by the producers of WPD: The Documentary, an upcoming film that will detail years of misconduct and cover-ups by the department’s top brass. There is a good chance that an officer who has wronged you, along with many others, is not on this list. Contrary to what some may believe, we, the producers, are not all seeing and all knowing, so please, feel free to send us messages via Facebook if your officer was not highlighted here.

10.) Officer James Wright

James Wright

Officer Wright is well-known for roughing up homeless people in Wichita and, most notably, a 61 year old woman, in front of multiple witnesses. Here is a photo of Wright, who is nearly seven feet tall, slamming Doris, 61.



9.) Officer Robert Thatcher

Officer Thatcher

Officer Thatcher can usually be found in Old Town, violently apprehending people, so long as they are not white. Multiple members of the Wichita Cop Watch witnessed Thatcher completely ignore a fight outside the Pumphouse, a bar in Old Town, that took place between several white males, where blood was drawn. When confronted, Thatcher claimed officers could not respond in any way, because they were “outnumbered”. However, Thatcher is quite well-known for violently arresting minorities for “loitering”. To make matters worse, Thatcher trains other officers:

(There is a good chance the WPD will remove this video. If they do, we have a copy.)

8.) Detective Todd Ojile

Detective Ojile works gang homicides, which seems like an honorable profession until you understand that Ojile manipulates witnesses, lies to judges, and knowingly charges people with felony murder just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

LT. Todd Ojile

Ojile is the lead detective working the case against Christopher Cooper, a young man charged with felony murder. Cooper is a college student with no criminal record and no gang history who attended the wrong party in a middle class neighborhood. Cooper agreed to speak with Ojile, believing that because he had done nothing wrong, that it would be safe to do so. Because the shooting occurred in a middle class neighborhood, the department was under pressure to make an arrest, and now Costello is on trial for his life.

7.) Detective Robert Chisholm

Also a homicide detective, Chisholm engages in illegal interrogation tactics, including the questioning of Kyler Carriker while Carriker was pumped full of Dilaudid by doctors, after being shot. Dilaudid is a powerful pain medication that directly affects the brain’s ability to function.

Robert Chisholm

Chisholm asked all of the other people involved in the case if they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol before he questioned them (a suspect cannot consent to be interrogated without a lawyer present if they are under the influence). According to his own police reports, Chisholm did not ask Carriker, because he already knew the answer. Carriker is currently facing trial for felony murder, a crime he was not involved in.

6.) Supervisor Jeff Davis

Sgt. Davis, a supervisor at the North Precinct, is on this list, not for his activities as a police officer, but rather for his activities as a former member of the Wichita School Board.

Jeff Davis

Davis, along with other school board members, voted to close schools in low-income neighborhoods and to open new schools in undeveloped areas, not because this move would be good for low-income students who will now be bussed to wealthy areas, but because land developers, construction companies, and an architectural firm stood to make a lot of money, all while our schools have no money for basic supplies. During a school board meeting where parents were protesting these measures, Davis brandished his firearm and abused his authority in instructing officers to remove those parents from the proceedings.

5.) Lt. James Espinoza

Lt. Espinoza is also a supervisor at the North Precinct and is responsible for overlooking the great many crimes perpetrated by the unit known as “The Dirty Boys”, a group of young officers who report directly to Detective Robert Bachmann, who is often referred to as “Dirty Harry”, or simply, “Dirty”. Dirty is not on this list due to a lack of evidence of his wrongdoings, which have become something of an urban legend on the North Side.

James Espinoza

Lt . Espinoza is known for using his large size and icy demeanor to intimidate those who might seek to file complaints against officers.

4.) Detective Christian Corey

Detective Corey can be seen on video, pummeling a young man sitting in an SUV. The young man reportedly cut Corey off in traffic. Corey recently dodged a lawsuit filed in federal court for a separate case in which he beat woman, Rowana Riggs, severely.

Christian Corey

Corey remains on the force, despite the clear video evidence against him.

3.) Officer Atlee Vogt

Officer Vogt was reportedly speeding down South Broadway without his sirens on (while we see officers do this everyday, it is actually illegal) when his police cruiser struck and killed a 12 year old girl. Vogt refused to cooperate with the investigation, a fact that the Kansas Highway Patrol, which investigates all officer-related vehicle accidents, attempted to conceal. It was only when Kansas Exposed, operating under the name Occupy 316, revealed secret documents, that the public became aware of this.

Atlee Vogt

It was not until several months later that investigative reporting revealed that Vogt, who is still a Wichita police officer, was involved in two other traffic accidents while on duty.

2.) Sgt. Larry Carlson

Sgt. Carlson is in charge of a special unit of the department which can be rented out to private businesses, as off-duty security. This unit of officers, best known for the Doc Howards’ tear gas incident, in which over 1,000 innocent people were tear gassed, causing a chaotic stampede, all caught on video, uses coercion and intimidation to run what is essentially a racketeering operation.

Larry Carlson



Carlson’s unit, which is essentially a goon squad, charges $30.00 per hour, per officer.

1.) Chief Norman Williams

Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams is number one on this list, because he knows everything we have told you here, and more, and yet every single one of the officers listed above remains employed by the department. As you can see by their rank, most of the officers have been promoted, in some cases, multiple times.

Norman Williams


Chief Williams has defended every officer-involved shooting, despite mountains of aggravating evidence. Williams’ flat out refusal to address the problems within his department will tarnish his reputation, and that of the department, for many years to come.

KSN Poll: Jennifer Winn polling higher than Brownback in Wichita

According to KSN’s latest poll, Jennifer Winn has a slight lead over Sam Brownback among Wichita voters. Winn has 48% of the vote compared to Brownback’s 45%, with 7% voting undecided. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and Brownback, the incumbent governor, who has $4 million in campaign funds, the backing of the Republican Party, and instant name recognition is losing to Winn, a political novice with virtually no campaign money to speak of.


While I do not hold a degree in journalism, this seems worth a headline to me…

Kansas Governor's Race

Jennifer Winn Polls Higher Against Brownback than Tiahrt Against Pompeo or Wolf against Roberts

According to the latest polls conducted by KSN News, Jennifer Winn is polling higher against Governor Sam Brownback than Todd Tiahrt is polling against United States Representative Mike Pompeo, and higher than Dr. Milton Wolf is polling against United States Senator Pat Roberts.

Both Tiahrt, a former United States Representative who previously held Pompeo’s current seat, and Wolf, are well-financed, while Winn has no financial backing to speak of. At last check, Winn had roughly $1,500 in campaign funding, while Brownback has close to $4 million. And yet, the latest poll has Brownback leading with only 55% of the vote, and Winn holding 37%. 


To put this into perspective, Tiahrt currently has 34% of the vote in his race against Pompeo, a race that is considered a “hotly contested race”.


Dr. Wolf, a newcomer to the political realm, has contracted a campaign consultant who was previously employed by Senator Ted Cruz. Wolf is polling at 23% of the vote against incumbent United States Senator Pat Roberts.


Brownback won his last Primary race with 88% of the vote. Jennifer Winn is a contender in this race, just as much as (actually more than) Tiahrt is a contender against Pompeo, or Wolf is a contender against Roberts, whether the media wants to admit it or not…



Poll: Should the United States send troops back to Iraq?

With the situation in Iraq rapidly escalating, the United States government is debating whether or not we should send troops back to protect our interests in the country. Because this is a complex issue, you will be able to add your own answer to this poll, if a simple yes or no does not suffice.


Poll: Should Kansas Legalize Marijuana?

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