Henry Spradlin, owner of the Triple H Garage in Haysville. November 26

Haysville business owner “Let’s kill us some ni##ers!”

A Haysville business owner commented “Let’s kill us some niggers” on a Facebook post made by his wife, where she stated that she hopes the Wichita police will run over demonstrators attending a prayer vigil denouncing Wichita police shootings and the grand jury verdict in Ferguson. Henry Spradlin is the owner of the Triple H […]

November 23

Wichita’s GOVIRAL taking the web by storm

“GOVIRAL WEB DEVELOPMENT is the husband and wife team of David and Jennifer Dorsett. David is a Baylor Business School educated web programmer with a decade of big business credentials and a reputation for being an innovative and disruptive technical genius. David has served as a Senior Web Application Developer for Beechcraft, as the Director […]

November 07

Sedgwick County DA refuses to justify WPD shooting

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett held a press conference today during which he stated that his office will not justify the April 2012 Wichita police shooting of Troy Lanning II. This marks the very first time the Sedgwick County DA’s office has not justified a Wichita police shooting, in the history of the county. […]

November 07

Mayor Carl Brewer should stand down on tax projects

Despite the stunning defeat of Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer’s proposed sales tax increase, and the fact that in April, Brewer’s term limit will expire, he and the City Council are determined to take action in financing the projects that the Wichita voters just shot down. The sales tax increase was defeated by an overwhelming 62-38 […]

October 21

IAFF: City of Wichita not treating firefighters fairly

Mark Woolbright, International Vice President for the International Association of Firefighters [IAFF] came to Wichita today, to address the City Council on anti-union actions taken by the City, against Wichita firefighters. Matt Shulte, President of Local 135, says Wichita firefighters are not being paid properly and face intimidation tactics from management. Jennifer Winn, candidate for […]

October 17

Kansas Water Board member: Wichita has 20 year water supply

This letter-to-the-editor was written by geologist Karma Mason, who also serves on the Kansas State Water Board: “Over the past year, the city of Wichita has evaluated potential new water supply options. Recently, the city revealed enhancement of the aquifer storage and recovery project (ASR) as the preferred new supply. Although ASR enhancement may ultimately […]

October 15

New Wichita petition to remove criminal penalties for marijuana

This is the final draft of the new petition to remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana in the City of Wichita. I am having difficulty getting the downloadable pdf. version online, but it should be available soon.