How many days can the WPD go without killing someone?

The count will be updated every morning and will reset to zero if a Wichita police officer kills someone. If the department goes 1,000 days without killing anyone, Kansas Exposed will present the top brass with a plaque, honoring the achievement.





20 thoughts on “How many days can the WPD go without killing someone?

  1. Really?! This has the validity of asking how many days a doctor in a hospital er can go without killing someone. Too bad that doctor can’t fix stupid.

    • You do realize doctors exist to help people in need of help… Cops actually kill healthy, viable people for very little reason. Go vote anti abortion and quit life already

    • No it’s not mf that’s a doctor not a cop gtfoh I’ve seen to many videos where cops have FUCKED UP GUY maybe there scared like you a pull pistol to shot us minorities and then you wanna hand cuff a dead body not all cops but the ones that let it get to there head better watch out cuzz I stay filming so they don’t lie to me or try to interrogate some type of unlawful bs to me I say evrything what is the problem I’m a being detained learn my niccas if you kno what your talkin about they can’t Fuk with us because and day serve and protect turn to hey lets fukin see who looks suspicious and harass em to the point that we can add some charges for being upset because I am scared of cops but I won’t just be like a dog with there tails down record and get proof

  2. Wait, so if someone is blatantly threatening someone with a gun and in turn, that person is killed by a police officer, then the WPD gets discredited for killing someone who was potentially going to kill an innocent human being?

    • In sales, if you complain about a bad referral, your boss will say “OK but there’s clearly a lot of other customers and not all of your coworkers have crap numbers just because of the occasional crap referral”

      So yes. Sometimes the cops will have to kill someone. When it becomes a pattern and when US cops killed more people in March than the UK cops have killed since 1900, you have a problem that you can’t explain away with these hypotheticals.

        • As if GUNS were the only way to kill someone. Eric Garner was SUFFOCATED to death in broad daylight ON VIDEO and they declined to indict the officer. Eric Garner was selling cigarettes illegally. THANK GOODNESS, they GOT him!

          The U.K. police have also gotten away with murder, at the very least, in the killing of Ian Tomlinson, who they PUSHED TO THE GROUND from behind, and who died at the scene. That policeman was found “not guilty” of manslaughter, despite Ian’s murder being on film. He was, however, fired for “gross negligence.”

          This isn’t about gun control. Let’s not pretend the people being killed by police actually had guns, shall we? If they did, as we know, it might have been a fair fight.

  3. Uh oh, someone was seriously hurt early this morning in a police involved shooting. Better get ready to start your counter over. What if the shooting was justified?

  4. The WPD can go many days without killing someone, but how many days can an idiot who hates the police go without dying? You people are just so butthurt about stuff happening elsewhere. Maybe if you respect the police they will trust you a little bit more. Police intensiveness increases when the level of trust decreases because of hate baiters like you tards.

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