March 22

Video: Policing tactics in Wichita’s Old Town entertainment district

In recent years, multiple incidents of gun violence have plagued the Old Town district, prompting the Wichita City Council to designate the bar area as an entertainment district, which allows for increased penalties for offenses such as loitering and disorderly conduct. Most of the incidents were occurring in parking lots, after the bars close. Patrons […]

March 10

Will Sec. State Kobach have the marijuana question removed from Wichita’s ballot?

Secretary of State Kris Kobach has the power to remove the marijuana reform initiative from Wichita’s ballot, and is┬áplanning to do just that, according to an anonymous government source. The Wichita City Council approved a ballot initiative to reduce the penalties for small amounts of marijuana, after petitioners gathered over 3,000 signatures from registered voters. […]

March 10

The profit motive behind AG’s threat to sue Wichita over marijuana

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has threatened to sue the City of Wichita if voters approve a ballot initiative to reduce the criminal penalties for first time offenses of possession of small amounts of marijuana, stating that the proposed city ordinance would contradict state law. However, based on Schmidt’s record in the Senate and his […]

March 07

How to survive an interaction with the police

Even the most law-abiding people are likely going to have to deal with the police at one point or another. You might be pulled over in a routine traffic stop, or you might be the victim of, or a witness to a crime. Regardless of the situation, the first thing you should know is that […]

March 06

Kansas seeks to ban public from ever viewing police body cam footage

In August of 2014, Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer promised an auditorium filled with angry citizens that the Wichita Police Department would equip every officer on the force with a body camera by the end of that year. Very quickly, that promise was amended to say that every officer would be equipped by the end of […]

March 06

Does your defense attorney give money to the prosecutor?

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett is an elected official, and elected officials have to raise money in order to win elections. County judges also have to raise money in order to beat their opponents. Much of that money comes from local attorneys, as HBO talk show host John Oliver recently highlighted. The question is, […]

March 05

The hypocrisy of Kansas sheriff suing Colorado over pot laws

A┬áKansas sheriff and county attorney are suing the State of Colorado because Colorado’s state laws governing marijuana directly contradict federal law. Sherman County District Attorney Charles Moser and Sherman County Sheriff Burton Pianalto, have joined a lawsuit filed by sheriffs and county attorneys in Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Sherman County is on the Kansas/Colorado border, […]