December 20

Carousel Skating Rink cancels fundraiser for children of Fairmount Park victim

The owners of Carousel Skating Rink made a last minute cancellation for a fundraiser that was going to benefit the children of Letitia Davis, the 36 year-old woman who was murdered in Wichita’s Fairmount Park, last month. The community group, IGYB had planned on holding the fundraiser to gather Christmas presents for Davis’ surviving children, […]

December 16

CNN hashtag #askacop completely backfires

In preparation for an upcoming special, “Cops Under Fire”, CNN asked Twitter followers to submit questions they would like answered by police officers, using the now viral hashtag #askacop. Needless to say, the idea backfired, and CNN now has a fairly good gauge of how Twitter users feel about police performance in America. #AskACop tell […]

December 15

Poll: Have you ever been discriminated against, or otherwise abused, by the Wichita Police Department?

Your answers to this poll remain anonymous, even to the website administrators.  

December 15

No justice in Wichita felony murder case

Wichita, Kansas – Kyler Carriker faces trial for felony murder under the pretense that he told a former classmate he ran into where he could buy marijuana. On April 17th, 2013, Kyler and a friend had finished work and were headed down to the spillway to fish. They were stopped by a train where they ran into […]

December 15

WPD to feed homeless on Christmas Eve

The Wichita Police Department has gathered at least $500 worth of restaurant gift cards to be handed out to the Wichita’s homeless community at 2:00 pm, this December 24th, in front of the Downtown Public Library. Officer Hubbard will be one of the officers distributing the gift cards. While Hubbard is not a member of […]

December 12

Wichita: Beware of Walmart Facebook Scam

A Wichita woman had her Facebook hacked by a malicious spammer, using a Walmart logo, and the promise of a $100 Walmart “voucher”… The spamming hacker made the mistake of tagging Kansas Exposed’s editor in the malicious post, so, with the permission of the hacking victim, we decided to show you. When you click the […]

December 05

Protesters fill WPD North Precinct to deliver a message

Protesters filled the Wichita Police Department’s North Substation Friday afternoon, to deliver this letter:   “Captain ​Brian White Patrol North 3015 E. 21st St. North Wichita, KS 67214 Dear Captain White: We are all heartbroken by the loss of life in our community, and in communities across America. The killing of Michael Brown and Eric […]